Last week I was speaking with a client, she casually shared that she doubled her income this year.   No small feat for anyone.  I quickly asked her what she attributed this too.

In just a few moments she said the following:

1.  My confidence, I realized that I am offering an extremely valuable and unique service.

2.  Credibility, I have come to realize that I am known in my niche, people that get me, get me – they see and know my value.

3.  I initiated more contacts, in other words, I reached out more  to people over all – my behavior was more proactive.

Is it time for you to double your income in 2014?  If so, email me lets talk about the various services that I am offering in the new year!

doritcropDorit Cypis is the woman that said this to me last week, she is an Artist-Mediator, a fascinating unique service she offers.  Check her out at Foreign Exchanges.