Everyone is under the impression that if they want to be a game changer they must make some sort of monumental shift away from what they are doing now, towards whatever it is that a game changer does. The project looks dauntless. I know. Making a difference and stepping out as a leader are always scary enterprises, to be sure. What I always want to share with people is that this false impression and the fear created by it, keeps you stagnant. They are really the only things holding you back from being the game changer that you desire.

“How do I become a game changer, then?” you ask.

If it is not with a few huge gestures and an abrupt change, then what? Well, it is the opposite, actually. It is a commitment to regular small shifts in the direction you want to go. It is setting an intention for the year that will lead you farther down your path. What are these small steps?

That is personal. “What are my small steps?” is the question you ought to be asking yourself.  I can tell you what some of my small steps were. I spent all last year with the intention to love myself. I didn’t even know what that was. It was hard for me to consider any game changing without believing that I could be a game changer, or better yet, that I deserved to be a game changer. This year’s intention and goals get us farther along that path. Next year’s, farther still. Every day, I do things that shift my gaze where I want it to be.

Yet, there is something more, that was gained someplace along this journey. That is that being able to be a conscious game changer requires mindfulness. it requires connecting to your observer self. This mindful seer knows what to do and how to do it. It sees the game. It understands the players.

You want a game plan for becoming a game changer?

Step 1.: Commit to regular small shifts in your behavior.

Step 2: Commit to regular moments of mindfulness.

Not only will you look back next year and wonder how you have come so far but the impact of your self care and journey towards the illusive “game changing” will have impacted your entire universe.