Actually, I think there is but not the way you are thinking….. you see there is no such thing as work life balance if your basic life is not in order. You cannot compartmentalize each area of life and be sure it is all balance. Family can be a 24 x 7 ‘job’, work can be a 24 x 7 ‘job’, play could be a 24 x 7 ‘job’ — but if your basic life is in order you will naturally WANT to do a little be often, naturally having you feel grounded and balance. Let me explain further.
1. You MUST have a vision for your LIFE. It must be written down. By having a vision you more naturally say ‘yes’ to what you want and ‘no’ to the things that are not aligned with the vision. This happens naturally when you have an inspiring and compelling vision.
2. You MUST break the rules. As a women, it is not possible to do it in the normal 9-5 work hours…. Family pulls happen during that time and that is ok. That is why being a female entrepreneur in this day and age is so powerful. There are so many rules to break! I am just suggesting one. But there are others: Like needing to keep work at work and life in life, I do a lot of ‘business’ while I do life! Or Like you have to work 90 hours per week to make lots of money. These are all rules to break!
3. Do what you love and charge for it! We think that we need to fund our fun…. but I guarantee that there is a way to do what you love and charge for it, make a business out of it. You will be so much more excited about your work that way and do so much more business in a short amount of time and work won’t feel so much like work. You’ll b e having fun all the time.
4. Take full responsibility for your life. If you are not completely happy about various aspects of your life, ask yourself: What is your part? And make the changes you are able to make, design it to make you happy! Wayne Dyer says is best, ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.’
5. Sales and Marketing: We must do a better job here. So many women do not see themselves as great at sales and marketing. If you have a vision for your life, sales and marketing is part of it. If you have trouble here I highly recommend our ‘Toes in the Water’ new program that is starting in early October.
6. Begin to see yourself as the expert in your niche….. After all if you aren’t who is??? If you are interested in how to do this…. Check out our newest program coming soon, our Starfish program! But ladies you are the expert in your field and if you do not see yourself as such, the world will not.
7. Support each other better than ever. I think there is room for much improvement here. We are very ‘shy’ about giving great leads to each other. We tell someone about this really great program, product or service, but we do not make a strong, solid introduction to people so that there is good follow up. Always, always, if you share information with someone, introduce both parties in email. Giving both parties and opportunity to follow up. After all, by raising someone else, you raise yourself up too.
Happy balance Monday! Enjoy it all, because it is ALL a part of your vision… and if it is not, redesign!