When men need to supplement their income they take a second job – women start a business. We have the ingenuity, get up & go, passion and creativity to develop successful business endeavors but do we have the confidence and the belief systems to take them to a level of giant success?

It is time to take what we have accomplished seriously! With the economy of today men are catching on to what women have known for years….becoming an entrepreneur is the answer to having a lifestyle of your choosing, creating financial freedom all while you do the work you enjoy the most to help your community or country.

So why don’t we get the attention of the press? Is it that it is a man’s world or is it that we don’t have the confidence to tell the world what we are doing? Or do we not think our story is worth telling?

It is time ladies to speak out….share your story for a few reasons: 1. Your story is valid and it inspires others. 2. By telling your story gets you get new business. Our businesses are set to survive the economy of today as a matter of fact they are set to flourish. Why? Because we are women, we plan for the ups and downs, we don’t spend what we don’t have, we understand budgets and constraints. We choose to play the game safe, create the audit trails needed to; pay the taxes, cover payroll and pay our vendors invoices. We are constantly networking to create the sales needed to sustain the commitments we have made. We are survivors. But it is time to be more than that… to be wildly successful. Media is a great tool and important partner when it comes to success. Share your story!

You see women work differently and it is time to get that message out. Women who are moms and entrepreneurs don’t always work 9-5, 5 days per week. We find creative partners. We take bold actions that actually get big things done rather quickly. Women are unique in how we accomplish big things. So how do we get this message out?

Formulate your unique story. You have one.

Take the time to reach out to your local press, TV anchor or government official. Tell them what you are up to, educate them about your business, become a voice for your industry and be sure you are seeing as the expert in your industry. If we collectively reach out our voices will unite and resound louder. Let’s create a volume that can’t be ignored!