35 years ago, a very small group of women saw the value in banning together to support each other, form an ‘official’ group to create a united front for so many reasons…. This organization is National Association of Women Business Owners . Did you know that there are 10.5 million women business owners in this country? If you are one of them, why not support a group or the groups that are all about:

– Politically making it their mission to make the path easier for women who have businesses
– Create venues big and small to promote, educate and celebrate women business owners
– Educate women business owners on current and real issues we face

– Come together as groups for buying power, lending power and media impact

There are many other women business organizations each that do various things:

So many times we ask, what will the organization do for me, but I do think it is also important to ask what can we do for such organizations? They need leadership. They need advocates. They need your stories! They need your passion about other women business owners.

What You Can Do

I have been traveling to various women’s gatherings all around the country the past few months and it is so refreshing to be among those that love what they do…. And in this tough economic time, it is important to surround yourself with others that are of like mind or in the similar situations… any women that has a business knows what it is like to run a company, have a family and be in a challenging economic time…. You never know when you might need that uplifting message and you can count on the fact that if you are doing great, your message is needed out there. Join one of these organizations committed to advancing and making it easier for women to build great businesses together.