Welcome to part 2 of the Golden Vessel Business Challenge for January! (Click here for part 1, including my challenge intro. video)

Each of our businesses is like a GOLDEN VESSEL that needs to remain sea-worthy.  Our challenge this month is to identify and plug the drains in our business to make sure that we are conserving our time, our money and our energy.

Last week, we talked about time drains to give you a head start on plugging that leak.  This week, we are looking at this Golden Vessel challenge from the big picture perspective and asking Who is running your ship??

If I stepped into the captain’s area of your business vessel today, who (or what) would I find there? Your gremlin (self-defeating thoughts and beliefs)? Your best self? Or something in-between?

If you can’t answer that question right away, you have a double challenge for this week, since first you will need to discover who is really running your ship.

Inspection Tips:

  1. Notice how you set your goals and priorities: do you work from a place of strength, or from fear?  In other words, who gets the strongest vote:  your best self, or your gremlin? (For help setting your goals, see our recorded goal call.)
  2. Notice how efficiently your business runs (or doesn’t): efficiency suggests your best self is the captain, while inefficiency points to time, energy and money leaks running the ship.
  3. Notice where you spend most of your time: are you up in the wheelhouse, or usually down in the boiler room?  You can’t captain the ship from the boiler room.

Repair Suggestions:

  1. Take the wheelhouse keys away from your gremlin. You get to choose what that means for you.
  2. Lock your gremlin in the boiler room for times when you need a little extra (but contained!) motivational fuel.
  3. Re-instate yourself as captain of your Golden Vessel, and remind yourself of your role every day.  A Big Fish coaching program can help!

It’s time for each of us to step strongly into running our own ships to keep our Golden Vessels moving powerfully and efficiently through each business adventure…  grab your toolkit and get on board!

Captain’s Toolkit:

  1. My video introduction of the Golden Vessel Challenge
  2. Recording of our live 2011 Goal-setting call
  3. Big Fish Nation Starfish Business Retreat (San Diego in Feb)
  4. Other Big Fish Nation Coaching Programs

Join other “ship captains” at the Big Fish Nation facebook page to let us know how you’re doing with the Golden Vessel Challenge!