“Trust that perfection is all around you right now.” – Lorin Beller Blake, Big Fish Principle #6

I chose this Big Fish Principle to write about this week because it’s a time of year that is a little easier for us to believe in the perfection around us.   This principle reminds me each day of the magic in our world, just like the magical feeling of the holidays.  Notice that feeling now and remember it for those days when perfection seems harder to find.

When I talk about “perfection,” I don’t mean a rigid, specific standard we meet with no mistakes.  My definition is much broader, in that it is about choosing our perception of what is around us, whether it is error-free or not!  

For example, we might not get hired by the person we thought was our ideal client, but choose to see that as giving us more time for a current project we’re working on, or as a learning opportunity. 

There is perfection in everything, we just need to look for it and notice it.  And the first part of doing that is TRUSTING that perfection is there.  It might be a time when you unexpectedly landed an account just at a time when you needed to pay your bills.  Or a phone call you received from someone you really needed to talk to.  Or an amazing employee that “found you” just when you were talking with a colleague about a job opening you had.

It’s hard sometimes to see the perfection when we’re struggling and we’re more focused on what is NOT working than what IS.  We then get more of what we’re focused on, so it is very important to instead find what is working!  Find the perfection in your day, every day – it is always there. 

Business can be difficult as we struggle with unmet year-end goals or trying to make our budgeted dollars stretch as far as needed.  When we stop to notice we’re struggling, we have a chance to look for the perfection in the situation and begin to change our energy away from struggle and toward  a place of possibility.  If we’re struggling with a work issue, finding the perfection in another area of our lives will positively impact the way we approach our work issue.  And vice versa. 

One of the powerful questions our Big Fish coaches (Nancy and Amy) ask in their 1-1 coaching sessions is “what is the perfection in that?”  Let’s all remember to ask that question more often – every day, many times a day! 

I would love to hear your stories of finding perfectionplease share them in the comment section below so we can all learn more ways of finding perfection all around us!

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