I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people wonder and ponder this question over the past 12 years…. We seek, we search, we take retreats, we go on sabbaticals in search of the answer to this question.

I was speaking to a client and friend today, her boyfriend said it best for all of us.  He said to her, “Your passion is being you.”


25 years ago, I had a Family Circle cartoon on my fridge, the fridges that magnets stuck too years ago, remember them?  My grandmother sent it to me. I wish I still had it.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  The cartoon, was of a young child standing on a swing, the caption read:  ‘The very best thing you can do, is get good at being you.”  I think of that cartoon often.  I think of my Grandmother who died not knowing what she ‘wanted to be when she grew up.’  But encouraged me to do a few things in my life:

1.  Get very good at being me.

2.  Gather my family together regularly.

3.  Eat close to the earth… fresh fruits and veggies.

She might not have known what she wanted to be when she grew up, but she knew her values and she stuck by them and passed them on, that is living your passion.  Passion is not something out there…. to find.  It is bring joy and life to all that we do, bringing our true spirit and essence to each moment of the day.

Happy February, happy Valentines Day… Happy birthday to my sweet daughter who reminds me of what my passion is every day, that is to live fully, do good and be good and  be present and make the world a better place today because I am……. alive.

With Love & Gratitude this February,