“Always have being kind come before being right” Big Fish Principle #5

When I introduce this principle in our Big Fish program conference calls, I usually hear some nervous laughter, throat-clearing, and comments like “uh oh” and “oh that’s a tough one!”

It’s true, this is not an easy principle to follow – but it is so important to our success since we all have to work with others at some point!  And even though we hear more about this in non-work situations, it is equally important to practice this principle in our businesses.

We have all been in business meetings where participants (me included!) were so focused on each trying to prove that their ideas was RIGHT that they wouldn’t listen to anyone else’s viewpoint or suggestions.  Most likely this shut down the communication and turned the meeting into a dead-end argument that accomplished little more than wasting time… certainly not a best practice we women entrepreneurs want to follow!

If everyone had instead focused on being kind rather than being right, the meeting could have been a place for different ideas to be explored, resulting in creative solutions and strategy breakthroughs – bottom line impacts!

It takes courage for women entrepreneurs to focus on being kind first before being right.   Although attitudes seem to be changing about the “ways of being” that make successful leaders and businesspeople, being kind can still be viewed as ineffective or a weakness.  The irony is that it is actually a GREAT LEADERSHIP STRENGTH we women have!

Being kind naturally opens us to the power of great collaborations because we are more open to listening and empathizing, and are more willing to consider different viewpoints.  When we can hold the puzzle like a challenge to be solved rather than a fight to be won, it changes the energy of the entire situation.  The more ideas we can get from others, the more informed we are in our decisions, and the greater chance we then have at achieving HUGE SUCCESS.

I believe the most powerful person in the room is the one who can see all perspectives as possibilities rather than threats – the person who acts first to be kind rather than to be right.  Which person are you??

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