“…many people have an uneasy and often complicated relationship with their money.  People tend to experience great anxiety as well as great joy when it comes to their financial lives.” — From Great with Money, by Ellen Rogan and Melissa Burke.

Take a moment to ask yourself what is YOUR relationship with money, and to write down your honest answer.  There are no right or wrong answers here, only where you are versus where you want to be in that relationship.   That is the focus of this month’s Maximize Your Money business challenge. If you missed my intro video last week, you can take a quick look now:

This is such an important issue because your relationship with money is absolutely critical to your success. Notice, I didn’t say the amount of money you have is critical to success; it truly is your relationship with it and your attitude toward it.

At Big Fish Nation, we take a wholistic approach to money by viewing money as energy which can flow freely… and can also get stuck in your system. Are you holding on too tightly to your money?  That can cause a blockage in your money flow.  Are you resentful every time you have to pay a bill, or do you put energy into thinking and worrying about not having enough money?  Those can all cause money flow blockages.

On the other hand, when you put energy into a positive relationship with money, you are also putting energy into your money flow:

  1. Be grateful that you can pay bills (I still write “thank you” on the memo line of my checks), and at the same time be timely with sending invoices and depositing checks.   When you are afraid you won’t make payroll, or be able to pay your other bills, step back into gratitude by imagining the excitement you have when money flows freely.
  2. Get your books in order. If your accounting is tied in a knot, your  money will be also, and your attitude will likely follow.  Remember, your success depends on your attitude toward and relationship with money!
  3. Give yourself a money-flow visual. Mine is a hand gently holding money — not too tight, and not too loose.  Choose one that speaks to your idea of abundant money flow and visualize it daily.
  4. Take the Maximize Your Money challenge this month and commit to creating a respectful, grateful relationship with your money.  It will repay you the favor!

Is money an appreciated collaborator with you in your business, an enemy that you try to avoid, or somewhere inbetween? Take an honest look and start TODAY on any changes you need to make!

Need help with your wholistic approach to money? The theme for this year’s Big Fish Yearlong Adventure is “Maximizing Your Money”! Read full details here.