It’s week two of the Big Fish Twitter Party – have you joined in yet?  Everyone is welcome, this is not exclusive to Big Fish Nation members!

It is simple:  You just tweet your intention for the day, and at the end of your intention, be sure to add the hashtag: #BigFishIntention.  (See last week’s blog  for more information).  For example, my Big Fish Nation intention for today is intention is “connection with Women Biz Owners that are joining the party! Welcome!”  and I’m writing this blog, connecting with you all.

Still not clear on what an intention is?  Merriam-Webster defines intention as a determination to act in a certain way,”  and dictionary.com defines it as “purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.”   In other words, intention is the tone we set and keep as we carry out everything we do, no matterwhether it’sbusiness, personal, or something inbetween.   It can also be as simple as what we want (or intend) to accomplish or complete.

Here are some examples directly from the Twitter Party:

  • Today’s intention: Calm & Steady – to deliberately & unhurriedly clean up unfinished stuff on the to do list (thank you @FamilyTimeInc)
  • I intend to finalize hiring my bizdev director and to ink a new client contract (thank you @ETArmstrong)
  • My intention today is to be present for each and every moment (thank you (thank you @Julia101)
  • (See more intentions by logging into Twitter and searching on “#BigFishIntention”)

Setting and sticking with our intentions is an important leadership skill, key to our business success.  It is about not letting the world knock us off our intention for that day or even that moment, so that we keep moving our business forward efficiently and effectively.

It is very important to get clear and conscious about the intention we choose for each day by writing it down, and the Twitter Party is a great place to do that.  Consider it a virtual ‘intention journal’ – a way to set intentions and inspire the world with them, and to allow yourself to be inspired by others’ tweeted intentions.  Sharing our intentions with others makes them even more powerful! 

The Big Fish Intention Twitter Party is going strong – we hope you will join us there and bring your friends!  Just log into Twitter and post your intention, and don’t forget to include “#BigFishIntention! 

Thanks again to www.bluesuitemom.com and Rachael Bender owner of http://www.benderconsulting.com/ for helping us launch this exciting Twitter Party!  Connect to her and other women entrepreneurs online through: