Take a look around you right now:  what does the top of your desk look like — scattered piles, neat piles, or no piles at all?  Can you see the floor around your workspace, or your coffee table in the living room?

One of the goal areas we focus on in the Big Fish Nation Yearlong Program is ENVIRONMENT, because your workspace and living space do make a difference.

When I’m organized, I have much more energy and motivation to big, bold work… and when there’s clutter around me, the mess sucks up my energy.

When we’re organized and everything has its place, we tend to feel much more empowered.  Tasks and projects are getting done, we keep better track of details, and it’s easier to prioritize our work.  In other words, this environment supports our success!

When our environment is a mess, we don’t think as clearly, our energy is scattered, and we are less productive and more stressed.

Summer is a great time to take “inventory” of your stuff.  If you have things that you don’t use or don’t need, donate them to someone else.  Take the time to catch up on your filing, and to organize your office and home according to your priorities.  It will be well worth the time!!

Take a few minutes now to notice your environment, then decide how you can turn it into your Environment of Success starting TODAY!


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