I have been setting goals for 25+ years…. doing so gives me focus.  It makes me happy.  It also gives me ‘permission’ to work on all aspects of my life… I like that.   in 2002, I started to set goals and intentions and it changed everything for me.  Having an annual intention has been so powerful.  Last year it was:  Unbridled Joy.  I found that the exercise of finding joy each day actually made me even more grateful.  What gift that was.  This year I am feeling this energy building…. and I AM READY. Ready for what life brings me and what I choose to create with it.



What is your 2013 intention?  And if you would like more information on how to set annual intentions and goals you may want to invest in my Goal Setting Short Course…. check it out.  Looking forward to hearing what your annual intention is!  I AM READY.