What does it mean (to me) to be a Love Warrior?


Pose Fitness Girl Yoga Blue Sky Warrior Pose

First the paradox of the phrase, I love.  I don’t believe in violence, hatred, or fighting of any kind but I do believe in the stance and strength a warrior stands so firmly in.   In this phrase or intention to me, it is more about awareness, open heart (at all times) both physically (good posture) and emotionally (kind words and approach energetically), patience, and compassion.  It is an active and peaceful heart in all ways.

To me, to be a Love Warrior means to stand up for what you believe.  It means to stand up for truth.  It means to stand tall with shoulders back and heart front and center with grace, elegance, strength.  It means to be a bright light.

Being committed this year again to being a Love Warrior means to remind myself of behavior that encourages me to see the absolute best in people and at the same time to only accept respectful behavior in those I am close with. To be a Love Warrior to me means to take the high road always.  It means to respond with love.  It means to encourage others to do the same creating more love in the world even when I don’t want to or feel like it.

I’m committed to being the Love Warrior again in 2018.  What are you committed to?  What is your intention this year?

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