People always ask me, ‘What is a Big Fish’ — we’ll a Big Fish (to me) is someone that takes full responsibility for their life.  In tough times and in the great, they know that they are in charge of their life and business.  They tend to be self starters and own their own business.  They are people that want to learn and grow all the time.  They consistently climb new mountains and see the next mountain they want to climb while completing the current milestone.  They are ‘awake’ in life and realize the more awake they are, the more awake  they can be!  They have found or know it is possible to ‘have it all’ and having it all  is in now way about material things…. it is about designing a quality life.  They do not follow the norm.  They lead the norm!  They take the road less traveled.  They take hard core business tools and integrate them with a spiritual approach to success.