After so many years of supporting women business owners it is amazing to watch what we really need in order to have big impact in the world. Check out our ‘Top Ten List’ and see if these are things you need in order to do big things:

1. Accountability: We all need to know that someone else will be checking in on us. Accountability is king! When someone we know and respect — and expect to be checking in on us in a way that holds bigger than we hold ourselves sometimes yet with fierce love, this kind of accountability is accountably that can change life and business.

2. Physical Comfort Zone Expansion: Every time we get out of our comfort zone in a physical way it stretches us and reminds us of our power. Over the years I have: zip lined, whitewater rafted, fire-walked, hang-glided, climbed tall peaks, rock climbed, and numerous other physically challenging things that had me realize once again ‘I CAN do it!’

3. Emotional Comfort Zone Expansion: When we do physical things that take us out of our comfort zone it reinforces our confidence. Then the next step is to commit to something that might be more of an emotional or mentally challenging such as: getting a new client, or approaching a potential partner, or making 5 new calls per day for a month, or writing weekly on a blog, etc. When we commit to these types of things AND FOLLOW THROUGH, this is just as rewarding as the physical challenge. Both help us develop our confidence and ability to know that we CAN do it!

4. Self Care and Decadence: We must take care of ourselves. And to women business owners this lesson is a critical one. Doing this allows us to take better care of those around us long term, rather than short term. Self-care might be taking the time to do something for yourself just one time, or it might be working out on a regular basis or eating well regularly. Or just knowing what your needs are and insuring they are taken care of by you and surrounding yourself with people that know how it important it is for you to have your needs met too.

5. Retreat: Going on a retreat might be a day at a park where you read and write and plan. It can also mean a retreat at a resort stretching, growing and learning and working on things that matter just to you. It could be 2-3 hours at a local coffee shop working on your planning and updating goals.  No matter what type of retreat it is: retreats are a must for us to recharge, regroup, and reground on a regular basis.

6. Collaboration with others that support you and think just as big: After studying hundreds of women business owners over the years, those that have created success every one of them has their ‘cheerleaders’ that have made the difference. Every successful person has a group of people that supported them and believed in their biggest vision.

7.  Vision:  You know at big fish, Vision is a key component of success… and no matter the level, we know that every woman needs to have her north star clearly in sight…

8.  A Plan and goals to get there.   Every woman needs to have the vision and a plan that keeps her in bold action, forward motion and learning form that forward motion is critical to the success process. 

9.  Successes to celebrate along the way.  So many times, we have successes and step over them without taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate them.  This is a crucial component to wild success!  Bring on the celebration! 

10.  A sisterhood.  Last but definitely not least… .we cannot go it alone.  We need support a long the journey.  And the support of like minded people is critical.

So , put all these 10 components together and what do you have?  Our Starfish 2011 program!   If you are thinking that putting these together will help you make 2011 great…. Email me!  Lets chat about how to end 2010 boldly and kick off 2011 in a big Starfish way! 

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