Choose your attitude and your actions, and boldly act!  ~ Big Fish Principle #7

Part of being an entrepreneur is taking action — and part of being a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur is taking BOLD actions.

We can spend all day every day taking small actions to make us feel (and look) busy, but the actions that truly make a difference are the ones that make us catch our breath before before we commit to doing them.  Those are the actions that will move our business to the next level, and help us make the changes in our lives that help us grow and move more fully into our potential.

Success, however, is not just about the actions… it’s also about the attitude.  Are you acting from a place of compassion and kindness, love and peace, or are you ruthlessly going for your goals without considering the people around you and working with you?  Your ATTITUDE is what can make the difference between short term success and LASTING SUCCESS.

Summertime is a great time to practice your attitude and plan for the next BOLD actions.

What are 3 things you want to ACT BOLDLY on today?

What are 3 things you want to ACT BOLDLY on this month?

I would love to hear your plans and results of committing to taking BOLD actions — leave a comment below!


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