What is it all about?
First, let us tell you what a Big Fish is: A Big Fish is a wildly successful women entrepreneur that knows she has full responsibility to create her life both in business and personally. A Big Fish is a woman that also knows every aspect of her life is critical to her success. These women know that they have the ability to make a big impact in the world. She knows how important it is to ‘pass it on’ too. She consistently works on creating that balance allowing her to be present in and enjoy every aspect of her life. She also knows that her intentions are critical. So, that is where the Big Fish Twitter party comes in. Every day just before you start your day, anyone is welcome to join us on Twitter for our Twitter party where we set intentions for the day.

So, now for the twitter party, it is simple. Here is how it works: You just tweet your intention for the day. For example, ‘My intention today is to be joyful in all my work projects.’ Or, ‘My intention is to gain one new customer today.’ Or, ‘My intention is to go for a 3 mile walk at lunch time.’ Or ‘My intention is to be complete with work at 2:00 and go home to enjoy my children.’ At the end of your intention be sure to add the hashtag: #BigFishIntention

Consider this a virtual ‘intention journal’ – it is a way to set intentions and inspire the world with them. Perhaps in the process you may even receive help if the right person sees it on twitter, you never know! Surely though it is a great way to hold yourself more accountable with a community of women that know the power of setting an intention.

At the end of the day, whenever that is, if you are so moved, you can tweet about the success (or lack thereof) of setting the intention. You could tweet about what you learned from setting the intention and meeting it or not. You can tweet on your gratitude you feel at the end of the day from working to meet that intention….Or the frustration for that matter! ….Or tweet, thanking the person that might have assisted you in making that intention happen. Just tie it back to the intention from the morning with the #BigFishIntention

The party is FREE! The more intentions set each day, the more positive energy out there.

We are launching this party with www.bluesuitemom.com and Rachael Bender owner of www.benderconsulting.com

Will we see YOU at the party?
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