On my birthday last week, I received Happy Birthday messages on Facebook all day long, and had friends and family members around to celebrate with me in person.  Each person’s Facebook post or face-to-face visit felt like a mini celebration of my birthday, and I noticed what a boost it is to feel celebrated.

I believe we don’t celebrate enough in our lives and our work… and when we do, it’s usually because of some major occasion or meeting a big goal.  If we also celebrate the “little wins” for the people in our lives and businesses, think about how encouraging that would be!  

When we commit to celebrating the “little wins” it has us come from a place of gratitude because we are always looking for something to celebrate in others, no matter how small it may be.

For example, when your team sets sales goals, do you also commit to celebrating each sale?  Do you celebrate each new client with your team, or do you wait until your team has met the full goal?

Think of the difference it can make in motivating your team if each smaller win gets the attention and appreciation of a celebration!

What will you do for the rest of this year to celebrate more?  How can you change your business processes to make celebration a regular part of every project and strategy?

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