Sometimes at night, as I send emails and get caught up with my IN box, I have the news on in the background, and I get infuriated at all the ‘positioning’ and ‘strategizing’ on how we are going to boost this economy and create more jobs.

I get infuriated because it reminds me of women entrepreneurs that are looking for the silver bullet, the magic pill, the secret to success — something that will magically create high revenue to “boost” their business…without having to do the real work.

Really, there is NOT a silver bullet! There is not a quick fix for this deep and long recession and there is not one for our businesses that are not producing the amount of money we want them to produce.

There IS, however, a solution: DOING THE WORK. We must do our work! We must do the things we have been procrastinating on (i.e. getting in sales mode, sticking our neck out as an expert, streamlining our processes, etc.) so we can continue to grow our businesses and do our part to help the economy.

“U.S. job growth depends on small businesses, which generate about two thirds of net new jobs, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.”Wall Street Journal (Small Business section)

As entrepreneurs, we have the power to influence the economy more directly than we might realize:

  1. We literally create jobs.
  2. We influence consumer spending with our new inventions and top quality services.
  3. We lead by example. At a time when many people are afraid to take any financial risks, we are doing it daily… and succeeding … and showing those around us that we don’t have to be totally risk adverse in order to be successful… and profitable!

Recently a Big Fish (Gail Benmosche) sent me the following email:

So I just had one of those ahah moments.  I was watching Jeopardy and the question was:

“What is a person who runs a business with considerable risk?”

To my surprise the answer was an Entrepreneur! So I looked it up in the dictionary and that is exactly what I found:

en·tre·pre·neur: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

I think that Big Fish Nation helps at the very least minimize that risk and take it to success.”

Of course I loved the email because of her reference to the value of Big Fish Nation (for more info on Big Fish Programs), but I also loved it because it speaks to the courage and initiative it takes to be an entrepreneur.   It takes courage to risk daily and set examples, and it takes initiative to create and run a profitable business in a troubled economy.

For our 3 Things business challenge this week, I propose we each explore (and commit to) 3 things we can do in our business to make it more profitable and help the economy.  3 Things we can do to BE the solution to the economic situation.

You can get started with these 3 broad ideas:

  1. Get very conscious about where you are spending your money
  2. In order to get your brand and name out, identify a powerful list of partners and reach out to them!
  3. Make strong revenue goals and get creative on how you can generate MORE (and different) revenue.

These 3 things apply also to our overall economy — it’s time to focus less on “positioning” and just DO THE WORK!

In the meantime, it is up to us (entrepreneurs) to set the example and show our economic leadership how to solve our economic issues by creating our own success, one business at a time… one woman at a time.

What 3 Things will you commit to TODAY to increase the success of your business??

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