We Are All OneI recently spoke with a very wise person who gave me, what amounted to, a good shoulder shake. Sometimes, in our crazy world we get out of alignment. That is a nice way of saying that we get mired in self, in first person, in arguing, and playing a role…like victim. We live here, in a world filled with other humans, amidst all sorts of suffering. When the going gets rough, it is easy to fall down a cone of fear. We have to return back, again and again, to our observer self. When there is chaos, it is the only way. So, when this wise friend gave me a little shake down I had to take note. After all, he was saying things I knew to be true. Instead of cry, I listened.

When you are in crisis, how do I get to One-ness?

  • Realize what you are in fear about: Speak it out loud, don’t just write it. Say it so that your mind can hear you speaking it.
  • Observer self: Here is where all that time summoning this broader perspective pays off. If you have been doing all your work, that highway in your brain to the center where your observer is located should be well worn. Bring your observer self to observe your fear and speak, out loud, no matter how scary, what is really going on.
  • Recognize the necessity of loving yourself: It seems so counter intuitive. We live in a world of losing ourselves to everything, don’t we? Our spouse? Our children? The Lord? However, what is not often recognized is that everything taught by most of the world religions posits that we already love ourselves. Consider, “love your neighbor as yourself”. Not a very easy axiom to follow if you have no idea what it means to love yourself.
  • Accept Abundance: Our mortal bodies give us the notion that there are limited resources in the universe. The reality is the opposite. The universe is abundant and we don’t need to amass stuff and wealth to prove we have our share of the resources. When we accept abundance others do not have to lose when we win. All we have to do is decide and we all will have enough to eat. All we have to do is decide and there will be no poverty. We have plenty. The universe is overwhelmingly abundant.
  • Know that what I do to myself, I do to others: Conversely what I do to others, I do to myself. When we act with greed or hate toward others, we are only hurting ourselves. When in chaos, choose love. Start with loving yourself and by loving yourself, your world will be transformed. You will get the wherewithal to try the opposite, which works too. What I do for the world, I do for myself.
  • We are all ONE

It may seem as though it took many steps to get to this one-ness and maybe it does. It is some pretty high level energy to operate on. However, it is more than worth it, it is vital. Consider mediating on these ideas one at a time, then all in one sitting. See where your consciousness takes you….and your universe.