WE have done a disservice to our country. WE have not been united. WE have not lived our values as a country. What should we do? If we were a couple, we’d get divorced or suffer a loveless relationship or work on it….. one of the 3.

Maybe all 50 states should get divorced and if you want to live in a place where abortion is illegal – move to Alabama.  If you want live in state where pot is legal – move to Colorado, California, Alaska, Maine Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont or Washington.  That is one solution, get divorced as a country.

Or maybe we just continue to fight.  Keep yelling at one another. Watch the starving whales wash up without a care because we are too focused on ‘the fight.’  Allow insurance companies to stop covering preexisting conditions.  Allow air pollution to get so bad it kills us.  Have our children know that classmates armed with guns enter schools every day and kill them and we do nothing to keep them safe.  Ignore climate change.  Keep on destroying all that is around us until nothing is left.  Harm the kids along the way.  Kick the dog.  Undermine each other.  Lie.  Cheat.  Steal.  That is another way to handle our current situation, continue the fight in this country we call the good ol’ USA.

Or maybe it’s time to get outraged enough to put down the weapons.  Look each other in eyes.  Close our mouths and truly listen to one another.  Take turns listening.  Quiet the ego.  Reach out to someone you might not agree with and offer a helping hand.  Someone has to start the unification process.  What can you do to do that today?  It’s time for leadership in the unification process.  It starts here, now.  UNIFY NOW.  What does this really look like?

United is caring more about the bigger picture than ourselves.  United is caring about ourselves too.  United is caring about each other.  United is speaking up.  United is having someones back.  United is showing deep compassion for our world.  United is acting with love.  United is knowing our values and living them.  United is progress.  United is equality for all.  United leadership.  United is giving up the lime light and standing behind the leader we all can stand behind for the greatest good of everyone.  United is keeping our side of the street clean – no matter what.  United is not ever behaving in a way to make the liars right.  United is the highest of roads.  United is putting the children first. United is putting our world first.  United is putting our country first.

What can you do right now, to start to unite?

What weapon do you need to put down?

Where can you dive deeper into compassion?

United We Stand. Divided we Fall…. what do you choose to take responsibly for?


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