A long time ago, I was on an airplane and there was a big thunderstorm below us, above the city that we were about to land at.  We couldn’t land because of the weather.  The pilot, got on the loud speaker and said, ‘We are just going to hang out up here and turn some circles and burn some holes while we let that storm move through.’

I’ve thought about that concept, of ‘being with’ whatever is going on for years since he said that… and for those of you that know me, I am in a holding pattern in my life at the moment. And there is a gift in that space, I am learning.

Be Here Now

It is, as my daughter taught me when she was younger, like watching bugs on the sidewalk…. she used to (and still does at 7) allow her mind to be captured by whatever is in this moment…. and I am realizing the gift of being present.  Not focused on what was. Not planning for tomorrow but being 100% present in what is at this very moment….. a sunset, a bird, the sun on my face, the sound of the ocean on my morning walk, the genuine smile on a strangers face, but the most precious are the sound of a voice of one I love, my daughters laugh, or the feel of clean sheets when I get into bed….that precious give in this moment.

I used to have a ‘tag’ on my mirror – – “be here now” – a yoga clothing brand, I loved the tag more than the clothes!  Reminding me to be present right now….. and not to miss the gifts.

What gifts are right in front of you now?

As you will see if you explore my website that in this place of ‘turning circles and burning holes’ I have simplified my website, if you are looking to hire a coach, check out our updated information for more details.