Summer can be a tough time to make progress on our goals.


Summer vacations mean we are often travelling, schedules are inconsistent, and our attention is more naturally focused on things other than goals.   Don’t get me wrong – it is definitely important (critical!) to take these breaks… but we still must remember  to return to our goals.

We have a little more than one quarter of the year remaining, so we really need to energetically pick up speed so we can reach the goals we set for 2010.  Or to put it another way, if your goals were a sound system, let’s get back up to surround sound, then turn up the volume for WILD success!

Here are some tips to help you “dial it up” to ACHIEVE  your goals: 

  • Change your exercise routine:  If you are in a rut with your exercise, or not exercising at all, your energy may be low.  Try changing it up a little to bring up your energy levels and give you more excitement toward achieving your goals.  The body/mind connection is important.
  •  Take a realistic inventory of your goals and adjust (or not) accordingly:  Do you have enough time left in the year to achieve each goal?  Are each of your goals still important toward making your vision a reality?  If so, fantastic – keep moving forward!  If not, consider revising goals to make them achievable this year and in line with your current vision.   Just make sure your revised goals keep you stretching to accomplish what will make you proud and successful!
  • Post your written goals where you can see them each day:      If you stop noticing your goals after a while, move them to a different spot whWhen we keep our goals visible, it is easier to remember what we are working towards.ere they will catch your attention again.
  • Read your vision story every Monday morning:  Our vision story is meant to be a motivating tool, not just something we write then put away.  Many Big Fish (myself included!) report getting energized by reading their vision story because it reminds them of the exciting big picture of their future.   When our vision is fresh in our minds, each goal feels more meaningful and reachable. 
  • Tell someone else your goals:  Accountability is an amazing motivator – just ask any Big Fish!   Sharing our goals with someone else makes it a lot harder to ignore those “stretch” goals, and helps hold our “feet to the fire.”   It also gives us someone else to celebrate with when we reach each goal!
  • Sign up for a Big Fish programIf you are struggling to set and reach your goals each year, you might need the extra learning, support, accountability, and energy you can get from the Big Fish programs.  Plan to attend the annual goal-setting teleclass in December, and read about the available Big Fish programs to see which one might fit you best for next year.    We are here to help!

Are you ready to turn up the volume??? 

Let us know in a comment below!