This is the time of year when we have a choice to make:  do we just ride out fourth quarter in the status quo, or do we use this as a time to make some changes and dive headfirst into the rest of the year?

My answer to that question is our September business challenge:  Mix It Up! 

I can tell when I am “in a rut” with my work when I get bored.  Even though I’m still very busy, I get to a point where I’m just not as excited about what I’m doing, and I’m missing that sense of inspiration… so I know I need to Mix It Up!   Sometimes just a change of my daily or weekly routine is enough, and sometimes I need to REALLY mix things up by coming up with a new product or service offering.

I love to think of mixing it up as giving myself the freedom to turn my ordinary into extraordinary! 


This week at Big Fish Nation, we decided to mix it up with our monthly newsletter.  We’ve changed the format and the content just enough to make it new and interesting for everyone… and to add a spark of excitement to the process of putting the Newsletter together!

Another thing we’re mixing up this week is my monthly video clip.  We usually introduce the Business Challenge of the week in that video, but this month I’m using it to invite you to something NEW:  a National Book Launch Party for my brand new book, SPLASH! How Women Entrepreneurs Dive Into Success!  Take a look:

This book also includes nuggets of wisdom I gathered from interviews with 20 women entrepreneurs who have made a “splash” in their respective industries.  Click here to read more about the interviewees and get the full transcript of their interviews!

So, back to Mixing It Up, my challenge for you this month is to find areas where you can make changes that will re-energize and invigorate your business and life.  Start this week just by being open to noticing where you might have room for change… and report out in a comment to inspire us to Mix It Up also!

Also, make sure to come back next week when I talk about cross training — mixing it up with your exercise routine — to improve your health, your business, and your life. (Sign up at the top of this page for Big Fish Tips to stay informed of new blog posts).