Tina SwithinTina Swithin survived a Category Five Divorce Hurricane while acting as her own attorney in a custody battle that turned her family’s life upside down. While divorces are never easy, Tina quickly learned that a divorce involving an individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) takes the term, “high-conflict” to a level that few can comprehend.

In an effort to articulate what was happening  in her new “Alice in Wonderland” reality, Tina took shelter from the storm by chronicling her journey in her (now) internationally recognized blog, “One Mom’s Battle.” Tina’s little village grew to include thousands of people who all shared the same story. There were different variations and nuances but the common denominator was Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In 2012, Tina published her first book, “Divorcing a Narcissist: One Mom’s Battle” with the goal of letting others know that they weren’t alone.

Tina’s battle came to an end after four long years when she walked out of the Family Court System with the one thing that she had dedicated her life to securing:  her daughters’ safety. Despite the fact that the odds were against her, Tina never gave up. She waded through the muddy waters of a courtroom that was filled with the lies and manipulation. Tina and her children have complete peace.

In 2014, Tina published her second book, “Divorcing a Narcissist: Advice from the Battlefield” which is a compilation of advice and strategies to guide readers through every stage of divorce and custody battles with individuals who fall into the Cluster B Personality Disorders.

Tina has chosen to assume the title of Survivor versus Victim and has become an advocate for change in the Family Court System after seeing the flaws first-hand.

Tina has been instrumental in the start-up of over 100 chapters of “One Mom’s Battle” throughout six different countries (United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and the United Kingdom). Tina believes that the courts have lost sight of their primary focus, which should be the best interest of the child and instead, are too focused on mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights.

Tina is working to raise awareness of the issues in the Family Court System and to educate the general public on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. High conflict divorces are on the rise and the children are suffering unnecessarily due to the lack of education on the front lines—and behind the judicial bench.

In addition to being an Author and Advocate, Tina Swithin works in Public Relations and has been awarded honors such as the “Top 20 Professionals Under 40” and the “Top 40 Professionals Under 40” in several regional California newspapers. Tina resides in San Luis Obispo, California, with her husband and her two daughters. She enjoys coffee shops, good friends, red wine and lots of laughter. Tina prides herself on keeping her cup half full.

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