As the summer winds down, and the chilly air begins to come in, I remember that soon the holidays will be upon us. And I cringe thinking of the stuff that the holidays bring. Mostly I mean physical stuff. I have a 3.5 year old and over the course of the year she receives gifts and mail and boxes from family and friends. And don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the thoughtfulness of our family and friends… and I realize that the stuff around the house that does not have a home, and produces clutter weighs every on me. And I get in a mode to cleaning out and clearing out. I tend to be a big ‘thrower awayer….’ Even my daughter when she brings her favorite rocks into the house, will remind me at the end of the day, not to throw her rocks away.

What does this have to do with business? For me everything. I find myself getting bogged down with clutter. It affects my clarity. It affects my productivity. It effects my over all energy. And that absolutely affects the impact I have on my business.

So for me, it is time to clean out. Donate. Pass on. Give away. And make my environment clutter free again. Have everything have its place.

This brings me to another idea. Recently on the Kathryn Zox Radio show, Kathryn spoke of a website, I signed up. It is a site that challenges each person to give something, anything, monetary or time or something for 29 days straight. I thought, what a win-win…. I want to clean out, and this is a site that has me give daily… perfect.

So, yesterday, I decided on the ‘gift’ I am going to give all of the Big Fish this year for the holidays and lined it up today. I am excited to share it… (but can’t hear or I’ll give it away. AND IT IS NOT STUFF!) Today I gave of my time for 4 hours to our local NAWBO Austin chapter. And tomorrow I am making a huge donation of ‘stuff’ from my daughter’s room to the Salvation Army.

Clear it out!