[text and photos by Starla J. King, Big Fish 2009-10]

There’s a workworkworkwork vortex of owning a business.

Detail work
 Visionary work
  Networking work
   Planning work
    Lessons Learned work
     Prioritization work
      Re-prioritization work
       Resourcing, accounting, marketing, selling, servicing, creating, giving, doing, learning, expanding…


       Retreat…step back
    Let go

You see, when you’re too busy to take a break, that’s the time to do it. 

Somehow we get drawn into this notion that the only path to success is overwork.  If we’re maxed out on work hours and have exhausted our energy, then we know we’re doing enough… because it’s all we CAN do…so it HAS to be enough. 

It takes courage to stop working before you’re tapped out, and to take a retreat in the middle of your “busy season.”  But that’s what keeps your business alive, fuels your vision, hands you the unexpected insights, AHA’s and breakthroughs… the “taking care of business” (see last week’s blog).

Case in point:  Lorin Beller Blake of Big Fish Nation:  Successful business owner, wife, mother, athlete, etc. etc.  Undoubtedly busy and in demand, and probably a To Do list long enough to make me cry. 

Yet she took a retreat this weekend.

And she walked on fire.

I think perhaps we can manage our own “retreat” don’t you?  Today it might be 10 minutes.  Or this weekend ½ hour.  Then maybe next month an entire day.  

On our To Do lists, let’s put  “Retreat and so there is no question about priority, add “NON-NEGOTIABLE”  … then tell us about it here.  Are you in??

(tune in next week for Lorin’s blog about her fire walk!)