“One on one coaching has been a game changer in my business and personal life.  

Coaching has helped me clarify and articulate goals and then stick with them.  There’s nothing like having your own personal cheerleader to hold your feet to the fire and stand witness to wonderful growth and success.”Ann McGuiness, owner of Ann McGuiness Fundraising Consulting

Ann’s statement speaks to why I am writing this blog post – to highlight the power we women entrepreneurs can access through the use of a business coach. 

Yes, we are capable of doing well on our own (and often pride ourselves on that!), but we are so used to seeing ourselves and our businesses from the inside that we can miss out on opportunities, underestimate our own capabilities, even overlook key strengths.   Quite frankly, sometimes we just need to get out of our own way! 

I have been an entrepreneur for  25  years, and I still rely on a business coach to help  me stay at higher (and deeper!) levels than I could do on my own. 

Michelle Bonn, owner of Expedient Trade, LLC, describes her experience:

“I find a business coach helps most when I’m ready to move toward something even bigger than I can yet imagine.

When I feel myself becoming too comfortable, I know it’s time to bring in a coach.  The coach will challenge me to take leaps that I most likely wouldn’t take alone.  I return to making decisions with conviction rather than hesitation.”

When we work with a business coach, we get a chance to see ourselves and our business differently.   We receive and discover new tools for our business  that are also effective in the rest of our lives.  The coaching relationship results in powerful lasting change (for ourselves and our business) from the outside in and the inside out… that is an incredibly powerful way to grow into amazing levels of success! 

We see evidence of the value of 1-1 coaching in our Big Fish business owners every day, like with Emily Knudson, owner of Empowered Fitness:

“It  [1-1 coaching] allows you to see things from a different perspective.  Sometimes just having a set time to start talking through an issue will help you uncover the answer.   

Also, one can be candid and transparent about their business with a coach in ways that they might not feel comfortable with peers or in their business.” 

At Big Fish Nation, 1-1 coaching shares a front and center role with group learning (teleclasses) and ongoing group support.   These programs provide a strong group learning environment, and  1-1 coaching then gives participants the chance to dive deeply, cultivating their learning as it applies to their business practices. 

Emily adds:

“I needed the Big Fish program structure of going through specific topics, making a protocol book and writing down goals.  It was holistic in also providing reading selections, the group interaction and accountability, as well as the 1-1 coaching aspect.   There is an accountability factor which is extremely important especially for soloprenuers  or someone who makes all the decisions in their business and doesn’t have another person  ‘in the trenches’ with them!

The synergistic effect of all the components made it a very enriching year that I will always treasure!”

Coaching naturally offers the structure of accountability and supports us as we make changes in both business and life.  Remember — although we are entrepreneurs, we don’t need to rely only on ourselves!  The power here is that the coach and client both “lean in” to this dynamic relationship to support and give energy to the client’s agenda. 

Shannon Crawford, owner of Something to Celebrate,  has experienced this first-hand:

“Big Fish Nation 1-1 coaching has made my life of swimming  dog paddle (sloppy and ineffective) to swimming with finesse & intention.  My Big Fish coach has been my biggest cheerleader and empowering queen that I have been so completely blessed with.

My business opportunities have doubled and I am personally looking forward to the next years with expectant joy, intention, abundance & gratitude.  I am so grateful!”

What do you want for your business in 2011?  Take your highest vision and add another level of success and fulfillment – that’s what you can have with the addition of a business coach. 

So…why wait?   Set the tone for 2011 by joining a Big Fish program TODAY to start a whole new adventure with a Big Fish business coachit’s time to experience the power of having a coach in your corner!

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