The Power of CelebrationCelebration is a necessary part of life. We celebrate when something great happens. We celebrate to mark special times of the year and our life. Celebrations mark the passage of time and create times that imprint on our memories. However, haven’t we all been to celebrations that are decidedly not celebratory? I know I have. In fact, entertaining a non-celebratory celebration in your life is the surest way to put a damper on celebrations.

So, where does the Power of Celebration reside?

You see, it really isn’t about “celebration” at all.  It is about JOY! Joy lives in our hearts and is deeper and bigger than any instance or moment of celebration. If you want to experience the true power of celebration, the key….and I mean KEY…component is joy.

What do you need to hone in your world to be able to reach down deep to your inner well of joy so you can experience the power of celebration?

  1. Get rid of expectations: Expectations around celebrations are a sure joy killer. You want your celebrations to be perfect and wonderful but life isn’t about what we want. Life just is. When we have expectations for other sentient beings, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. The more you want things a certain way, the more likely they are not going to be that way.
  2. Accept what is: This is the other half of this equation, acceptance. I recently heard that, “what is, is God’s will, what you want is your will.” I never want my higher power (however, you view it) to say, “there were so many awesome things in store for you, but okay, have it your way.” Our way, is always going to be less perfect than if we sat in acceptance. The real reason has everything to do with joy. Peace and joy are only present when  we can live in a place of acceptance of other people and circumstances.
  3. Relax into it: What you find the more you practice is that your sanity and calm adds infinitely more to your celebration than all the fussing and planning and perfectionism.

The season for celebration is upon us, harness the power of celebration and make something more special than a great dinner (although, lets not be silly, a great dinner is a great dinner). Harness the Power of Celebration and create something bigger and better than you ever dreamed possible….JOY!