As I speak with folks that are looking for ways to boost morale, or honor great behavior, let others know that they matter… we tend to think of money or something materialist of sorts… but what I know is we all want to be seen and heard and acknowledged.  I believe it is one of the most valuable things you can do for your employees, your team, your kids, your spouse, your partner, your friends… ACKNOWLEDGE them.


We all liked to be acknowledged in a few different ways:

  1. Our appearance
  2. Our unique and special skills
  3. Our character
  4. And our positive impact on each other and the world.

The first two are more about what we doing and the later are more about who we are being… and really the more powerful acknowledgement are the later two, because they speak more to who we are being which speaks to our inner core.  The depths of who we really are vs. what we are doing – so critical.

No money can replace or get you the things that we acknowledge for like:  trust, gratitude, comfort, encouragement, being truly seen, etc.

There will always be people that are motivated just by money… and truly I feel bad and sad for such people, life is so shallow living like that.. we miss the depths which to me, is what life is all about and what truly makes life rich.

One acknowledgment, could change some ones day and you would not even know it – so why not walk around genuinely and authentically acknowledging people every where you go?  Because when we genuinely acknowledge each other, it fills us up.  And God knows, we could use more acknowledgement these days – so much more.

Acknowledging people is truly a habit.  So practice… challenge yourself to make a certain number of acknowledgments each day.

Acknowledging others :

  • lets them know you hear them
  • validates them
  • gives YOU peace of mind
  • encourages more of what you are shedding light on
  • establishes the leaders

So acknowledge today and every day… it’s the Big Fish way!