outward mindsetHow we see things creates our reality and our mindset is a choice. There is a great book I got a hold of called The Outward Mindset. It is really quite fascinating. The basic theory is that there are basically two mindsets we use, the outward mindset and the inward mindset. Let me tell you all about them.

Inward Mindset: The inward mindset is that part of yourself that looks inward to your personal goals and wants without thinking about other people, either other family members or, in business, the organization as a whole. The Arbinger Institute tells you that when people are caught up in this mindset, they are blind. They cause disunity and havoc in a business and they don’t even know they are doing it. Another way that I like to look at it is that the inward mindset is the one that you access when you are utilizing your frontal lobe. You are caught up in the first person of the moment. You are so caught up in you that you can’t see anything else.


Outward Mindset: This perspective is a holistic way of looking at the world. It is as if you took your thinking and moved it from the front of your brain to the middle. You focus upon the objectives of the larger group or organization. I like to call the outward mindset the observer self. It is only here, that we can have a larger view of our behavior in the context of our world. We see all the players interacting and can make choices based upon advancing the whole.

So, why is the outward mindset so important?

You ever tried to solve a problem with an inward mindset? You could go around and around in your own head never being able to see your way, or worse, forge ahead like an elephant in a china shop, disrupting the entire system. Even more profound is resolving conflict with another. I posit that you can never resolve a conflict until one or both parties get into outward mindset. Moving from the inward mindset to the outward is like looking out at life through such a myopic lens that you don’t even recognize what is around you to zooming out like a google map. All of a sudden options open and possibilities blossom. What is more is that if you can stay in this outward mindset, you can avoid conflict. You can live in solution.

The final question, then, is how do I get into this outward mindset?

Decide to do so. Meditate on it. Give this outward, objective self a place in your conscious thought so that in a moment of intense emotion it will be an option. Every time you make that decision to go from inward mindset to outward mindset, you are actually forging new neuron connections. The more you take yourself outward, those connections get stronger and stronger until there is a superhighway in your brain to outward mindset.

That superhighway begins with one decision. Decide on outward mindset, today!