I realize that there is no area of my life that I cannot take full responsibility for; my dogs’ health being my current area that I need to ‘wake up’ and take full responsibility for. My sweet dogs name is, Niki. She is a Shiba Inu.

She is 6.5 years old. At about 6 months old she developed terrible allergies. After many vet appointments and thousands of dollars later, I found out she was highly allergic to: dust, molds, and cats. She would itch to the point of making the skin around her eyes bleed. It was awful to watch… we tried allergy shots, changing her diet, supplements, etc. Finally a vet put her on prednisone; a strong steroid based drug. And since it worked so well, we (I) have kept her on it for 6 years! This summer she was diagnosed with glaucoma. I asked her vet if this was caused by the prednisone. They all assured me that the two are not related.

Recently, I am the new owner of an iPhone, anyone that knows me knows that I have been having a blast with it. And found many amazing applications that blow me away. I found one called Natural Cures. Since I am in to that, I was researching all my ailments and aliments of everyone I know. To my surprise, there is a paragraph on Glaucoma that says that it can be caused by extended use of prednisone. I knew when I was giving it to her that it was not good long term, but did not do my homework, did not take my responsibility for her health. We cannot take just one persons word on anything. We have to use our gut, research, knowingly and fully make choices. I was definitely feeling like I was not being responsible for doing my part in finding a better way to deal with my dog’s allergies. I went the easy route and did not try to find alternative answers fully.
Recently I too have developed allergies! And have found HUGE relief in a homeopathic supplement. Thanks to a friend. So why not try the same on my dog? We are, I have since done lots of research, of which the vet is waiting as I am for our results! Results coming soon.

What does all this have to do with business? EVERYTHING! If some aspect of your business is not where you’d like it to be, do not rest on your laurels or someone else’s, do something! Take FULL responsibility for your results. Guaranteed to get you in the driver’s seat in your business your bottom-line will love you for it!