Thank you Maria Shriver!  15,000 women.  A star-studded line up like I have never seen before.  In complete and utter gratitude for the opportunity.

It was a gift and honor, to get to attend this conference this past week.  I want to share it with you.

As I entered the convention center, I literally bumped into Matt Lauer:  He looks exactly the same in person as he does on TV, imagine that!  Later that day he interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger and then the 2 California nominees for governor of California running in next week’s election.  Matt, you did an amazing job and as a resident of California now, I wish the 2 candidates took you up on your challenge of pulling all the negative ads this last week.  And as a new resident of California it was that interview that helped me make my decision on which I will vote for next week!  Thank you Matt!

Michelle Obama inspired me to invite a military mom to join the Big Fish Program this week as we launched a new group.  She raised my awareness on the challenges that the spouses face every day.

Eve Ensler delivered the most moving speech of the day.  She has just finished being treated for cancer.

Robert Redford I was able to sit in a break out session and listen to an intimate conversation between he and Linda Ellerbee. What struck me about him was is modest and direct way.  And I realized sitting there that this is a man that was at the core an artist that found a way to make lots of money as an artist, actor and environmentalist – and bottom-line a social activist.  It was a charming hour!

Mary Oliver the famous poet did a few readings for us at lunch…. My fav: ‘What is it you will do with your one wild and precious life?’  — Love that challenge!

Brian Williams interviewed Phil Knight (Nike co-founder), Nick Kristof (Journalist and Famous Author), and Howard Schultz (Starbucks) and they discussed ‘men that get it.’  Thank you all for the insights and the laughs!  Brian Williams is very funny!!

Diane Sawyer interviewed The Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor and Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  This is so powerful, listening to these two women talk about what life was life for them as the first women to serve as justice of the US Supreme court.  We truly stand on their shoulders today.

Laura Bush surprised me!  She was very funny!  BRAVO to her for asking George to pick up his own wet towels off the bathroom floor these days!  (now that they live back in Dallas).

I could go on and on…. Truly there were dozens more people that I had the opportunity to listen to and so many more that 3 times that that I did not get a chance to listen to.  The night ended with the Minerva Awards where in each presentation of the awards (there were 5 total), I cried! Happy tears.  Oprah received the last one and in her usual powerful and moving way received the award but truly honored Maria Shriver’s efforts the past 7 years as the of first lady of California.

It was a day that I will not forget… and I am grateful for the wisdom received that day and the opportunity to be around so many thought leaders at one time.