Rachael Atamian participates in the first 2016 Big Fish group, the Stargazers, and chronicles her adventures:

Despite that my life has been more than chaotic, this Big Fish program has come through in a bunch of amazing and unexpected ways, already and we are only in the beginning of February. What do I mean by “come through”? Well, I mean that in the most trying and hectic times, my mind came back to important personal concepts through our worksheets and calls that were relevant and on point to my challenge.

First, the overarching theme that I can’t praise enough is our yearly intention. Before I talk about the great new stuff I have to say that I go back to my annual intention often. The idea behind my annual intention was that I wanted to “love myself” whatever that means. However, Lorinassisted me in turning it around to “Love me now.” I am shocked how often I go back to “love me now” when I feel the most overwhelmed.

On with the latest… Since my last update, we have had two conference calls. I try to take notes as best I can whilst remaining as present as I can. There are so many juicy morsels to take in, when something hits me as important, I best write it down. Before our world blew up (yes, I will explain) I had the first conference call. One of the most important things I heard was the statement that action creates clarity.

Take that in because it was the perfect message for the next couple weeks. We think we gain clarity by sitting in inaction and have the notion that once we gain clarity we will act. Unfortunately, we have it backwards. When we are in action the choices become clear. This was never so real as it became in regards to the issue that would crop up and overshadow my life:

My son had to leave his school because of bullying. It escalated rather quickly and I was put in a situation where my immediate action at the beginning created a path that we all feel good about and are excited to be walking. Despite the horrendous situation, we found a soft place for him to land.

Our second Big Fish call was all about values. Specifically, looking at what a “values based company” looks like. This module is, for me, like the exercise of making goals. Remember, I am the one who, until last month hated each and every goal I had ever written. Values were the same way. I know I have strong values. It is just that enumerating them, makes them ephemeral, like mist. Personal values are hard enough to look at and describe, let alone thinking about what my business values might be. In fact, later on that day, I began brainstorming with my mother-in-law and came up with a fairly interesting list of things that may work into my list. They were not necessarily what I expected and they are each statements or ideas that make me smile. They are who I am. So what are these values?….

That is for me to know and you to find out. I am sure as these values get more thought out, I will be spilling my beans to everyone. Stay tuned!