“Women, YOU ROCK!  Thank you!”

That was my entire acceptance “speech” at the Stevie Awards ceremony last week.   Because of you, Big Fish Nation won two Stevie Awards this year:

  • Mentor of the Year: Business Services
  • Women Helping Women Award: Business Services

I’m not just saying thank you because this is a Thanksgiving blog post (although the timing worked out well!).  I’m saying it because I am truly grateful to you women entrepreneurs every day from the bottom of my heart for:

  • believing in each other (including me and Big Fish Nation!)
  • believing in yourselves
  • finding the courage to make your visions reality
  • believing and showing that you can CHANGE THE WORLD

But what about the days when we don’t win the awards… what can we find to be thankful for then?  Well, that is my Thanksgiving Challenge to you:

Your Daily Thankful Three:

Each day for the rest of November (at least!), find and write down 3 different reasons to be thankful, one in each of the following categories:  

  1. a person:  someone you know, or maybe a total stranger! 
  2. an experience: maybe just 5 seconds of noticing how beautiful the sky is, or a several-hour event you enjoyed.
  3. a future success: envision reaching a goal and be “pre-grateful” for it.  It will help you reach that goal!

Your “Thankful Three” can be anything big or small, as long as each one is something that made an impact on you.  To make your impact even greater, share your Thankful Three with someone else!  

Let’s get into a “thankfulness” habit.  The more time we spend being thankful, the less time we have to complain and drag ourselves (and others) down.  This year, take the Thanksgiving holiday to a whole new level and make it a regular part of your life!

I am committing to this challenge along with you – start today by posting your “Thankful Three” in a comment below!