Tererai Trent on Oprah Many of you know my story about Tererai Trent…. for those that do not, a quick recap:

In late 2009, I saw an Oprah show where Tererai was a guest.  She was featured in the amazing book, Half the Sky (a must read!!), about women and how we hold up ‘half the sky.’  It is an inspirational book that will open your mind and heart to the challenges women face and overcome around the globe.

Tererai is a woman from Africa — Zimbabwe, to be exact.  What struck me about Tererai was her amazing dedication to her goals, because I have been teaching women entrepreneurs about how to set goals that are achievable for years via our goals short course.  Tererai wrote her goals down (you all know how important I say this is!) on a piece of paper buried them under a rock… some of her goals were:  to get a high school diploma, get to the United States, get a college education, and a PhD.

When Tererai was on the Oprah show in 2009, she was just in the process of receiving her PhD.  Now these goals might seem simple, but Tererai has many children, her husband was ill at the time, and she had many obstacles in the way of achieving those goals.  I watched the show, with tears running down my face in awe of the accomplishment, the dedication, the determination, the passion for education – she was a soul sister in so many ways… the world got smaller for me that day.

In my boldness, I reached out to Tererai and offered to support her in any way that I could to help her reach the next level of goals.  To my surprise, she was thinking about launching her own business!  Last year (2010), she participated in our Starfish program.  She was the ‘star’ 🙂  — she inspired everyone with her presence, her wisdom, her humbleness, her determination, and her openness.

Now, I feel blessed to call this woman a friend.  And Tererai did launch her business… she is just getting it started.  She does Program Evaluation Consulting through Tinogona Consulting.  If you are in need of someone to assist in evaluating your programs or services, you will get more than you bargain for by working with this brilliant and dedicated woman.  Tererai is also selling products that reinforce the fact that IT IS ACHIEVABLE… the meaning of an African word, tinogona.

And the story continues!  Tererai was just back on the Oprah show recording one of the last shows with Oprah… it airs on Friday: check out Oprah this Friday May 20th and watch Tererai’s amazing story continue to unfold. You will not be disappointed.

Cheers to knowing that It IS ACHIEVABLE!