As April winds down, I’m wondering what are your plans for taking care of your business? 

We women often talk about taking care of ourselves and then as business owners, taking care of our clients, customers, and employees.

We are very good about making sure all the outward-facing parts of our business are running smoothly, but are we paying enough attention to the “inside parts” of our businesses?

During a recent Big Fish Mastery conference call meeting, one of the Big Fish declared a BOLD ACTION of taking care of her business.  Her business involves helping others run their businesses smoothly, yet she was putting so much time into her clients and their businesses that she wasn’t taking the time to make things easier for her own business!  I think we can all identify with that situation.

So how can we make sure to give our own business enough care?

As soon as we begin viewing our own business as an entity that needs to be taken care of, we start setting aside time for our own business planning – which is the key to ongoing growth and ultimately the success of our business!

Taking care of our business also means taking time to find and implement organizational and functional efficiencies.  If our internal operations are all knotted up, eventually it will show to our clients – through disgruntled or dissatisfied employees, or gaps in customer service, etc.

However, if we have taken care of our business and operations are running smoothly, that is what the clients will see and benefit from.

I love this example from Michael Gerber’s book, The EMyth Revisited:

A business that looks orderly…

  • …says to your customer that your people know what they’re doing.
  • …says to your people that you know what you’re doing.
  • …says that while the world may not work, some things can.
  • says to your customer that s/he can trust in the result delivered and assures your people that they can trust in their future with you…

When you care for your business (or not!), it shows.  

So, back to my original question:  what are your plans for taking care of your business?