“At the end on the day, it’s about the relationships.”
– Julia Rhodes, owner of KleenSlate Concepts

In last week’s blog post, I talked about the global similarities of successful business women, and one of those is a strong support system. 

I got an exciting email a couple weeks ago from a wonderful Big Fish, Julia Rhodes, owner of KleenSlate Concepts.  She was celebrating the news that she had been selected as the Central California 2010 Small Business Person of the Year!  (Click here to see the full Press Release on Julia’s blog).

Julia founded KleenSlate Concepts in 2001 without even having a product — just with the idea for a product to solve the common problem of “the missing white board eraser” (click here to read more about that). 

Yet now, less than 8 years later, KleenSlate Concepts is a highly successful international product development company!

What was it that made Julia’s company so successful?

In her announcement email, she says that her success is in no small part due to the support that I have received from all of you.”   So I asked her to share more about that for this blog post.  

Julia explained that:

 “Having a support team is essential!  As I built my business,  so I built my relationships.

From day one I sought out women role models- in both business and  inventing.  It was the women that opened the doors and helped make things happen.

Anne-Marie Richards and Shari Francis from Office Depot  walked me through the intricacies of doing business with corporate America and mass market distribution. What I learned from them I have been able to use in all my business dealings. 

Diane McClelland from WBENC affiliate Astra  made sure I received the help I needed when seeking certification and encouraged me to sit on boards and  give back to other women in business.

Lorin Beller Blake, founder of  Big Fish Nation, reached out and encouraged me to dream big, create a vision and them take bold actions in my life! 

Now I show up, participate and give back– since that is what I learned along the way. I take my female role models with me wherever I go and lend a hand when I can. 

At the end on the day, it’s about the relationships.”

Whether our business is Dry-Erase Paddles or financial consulting or something completely different, the importance of relationships is exactly the same. 

Every business owner needs a strong support system, and we can all learn from Julia’s example of building a business through building relationships!

Thank you, Julia! 


Click here to see the full Press Release on Julia’s blog

Click here for KleenSlate Concepts website