Every month I love to share the success story of one amazing Big Fish.  This month, I am delighted to introduce you to Barbara Bencini, SVP of Investments at Merrill Lynch.  Barbara is truly a pioneer in every way!

In 1978, Barbara became one of the first women Financial Advisors in the US, yet to talk with her, you likely wouldn’t know that she and her partners have $2 Billion under management — her humility speaks as loudly as those numbers!

Barbara joined Big Fish Nation to take her business (then already a million-dollar business) to the next level; she felt there was something more for her.  She describes her Big Fish experience as “life-changing,” both in business and in the rest of her life, as she recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and is now helping to build schools in Africa.

I love that Barbara credits Big Fish and 1-on-1 coaching with helping her “immeasurably, not only with my confidence but  with specific business goals and practices.” She has found that Big Fish tools (coaching to be the specific tool she refers to here) and principles help her flip the switch by “moving through the negative voice (gremlin) and switching to the positive powerful person that is my best self,” and switching more quickly to this more powerful place.

Working in a big company often brings many challenges, as well as great rewards, and Barbara often finds that it is easy to get caught up in the politics and other peoples agenda’s — forgetting (momentarily) her own commitment to her goals.  Barbara has used the Big Fish Goal Wheel for the past five years (!)… so the goal wheel and coaching have been tools she uses to be sure she is in her powerful best self place consistently.

Barbara has also gotten more and more strategic in her sales process in order to met her business goals.  She never felt that was her ‘strong point’!  Imagine that?!  A multi-million dollar business yet still knows that she can fine tune her sales process?!  Yes! That is a Big Fish!  Recently, through Big Fish coaching, Barbara has fine-tuned and made her business more fun again… why not be wildly successful and have tons of fun too!?

Barbara has been through the Big Fish Yearlong Adventure, was part of the Starfish Program in both 2010 and 2011, AND is in her 5th year of coaching with a Big Fish coach.  She is clearly dedicated to the various tools and mastering them!

What Barbara Shows Us:

– We serve the world by playing boldly and intentionally

– Even successful business women have room to grow and achieve more

– When we learn to step consciously into our own confidence, we are unstoppable!

– Fun and wild success is possible!

– Learning never ends if we truly want to grow our bottom-line

What is your next level?  Let Barbara inspire you!