Success Stories

I’ve done the year-long program twice now, and have seen the results of my first 10-year vision, and just wrote the next! Every day, I still use the tools of Vision, Intention, and Bold Action. My ability to think bigger and achieve higher with a focus on deeply meaningful goals is a direct result of the program. Lorin, the group leader, and Sherie, my coach, have taught me how to plan for and achieve the life and business I’ve always wanted. And through other group members, I have met an amazing and supportive network of women entrepreneurs unlike any other!

Rebecca P. Cohen

Owner, Share My Journey

Lorin + her yearlong program gave me the tools to start a multi-million dollar enterprise. I owned a very successful marketing and advertising firm, Ingenuity Group, and I spend a lot of money on things, and with the yearlong program, I get more out this than anything else. It is well worth the investment. I am more focused, tactical, communicate better and happier because of the yearlong program.  I realized that I was ready to step into a business that was more near and dear to my heart. I launched a whole new company called: Ballywho Interactive, a Social Media Marketing Firm. Utilizing the tools I learned in the yearlong program.  I am growing a company that is more fun for me as a leader. I have the skills I need to hire and retain the best staff. And since working with Lorin and her team I have grown my one-man band to a staff of five and revenue is up to the triple figures.

Elissa Nauful

Ballywho Interactive

I consider Lorin much more than my coach. She is my friend, mentor, accountability partner, confidant, and trusted advisor. She holds my hand gently yet can also kick my behind firmly (with just the right amount of empathy) to keep me moving forward. With her kind manner, rich soul, and intelligent mind, she helps me weed through a myriad of muck and thicket and turmoil to discover greater depths of myself and everyone and everything around me. Then she is there on the other side to cheer me on, celebrate, and quickly set the next goal. I am a better person, friend, wife, mother, manager and leader because of working with Lorin Beller.

Pam Hassett

Hassett Consulting

Dr. Susan Sikule owns a veterinary clinic and has for over 20 years. She is successful and wanted to create a business that was less reliant on her. She realized that to do that she must have protocols in place and a team of workers who shared her vision. At the same time, she had a vision for creating a second practice and has achieved that vision.  Lorin and her programs helped her visualize and formulate her vision and now is supporting her in creating her next vision and plan. She had a realization that, for her, bigger was not better. A smaller, quaint office that is wildly successful and was client-focused is her mission. She is living out her vision as a Change Maker now. Susan has learned how to work well with her team and enjoy both her free time and her more relaxed work time. Susan Sikule, Veterinarian, Guilderland, NY

Susan Sikule

Just Cats Veterinary Clinic

Participating in Lorin’s yearlong program was a year of discovery.  I gained clarity about myself and my business (Financial Advisor) that I would not have on my own.  The uncertainty is behind me now, I have clarity.  It is full steam ahead!

Diane Esser

Direction Financial Management, LLC

I completed Lorin’s yearlong program in 2005 and one of the lessons I learned was that sometimes you don’t fully understand or appreciate an experience until some time has passed. Recently I wrote to Lorin and summarized what had happened in my professional and personal life over the past year and a half. When I sat back and looked at the words, I was stunned at how much of what I had written in my Vision statement had in fact occurred. I had actually done many of the things I had only dreamed of including appearing on two national television shows to promote my books and as a parenting expert and producing a 15 part parenting series for cable and web broadcasts by forming a powerful alliance. I had enjoyed the yearlong experience and I had loved the group phone sessions with other business owners. It provided me with a group of people in the same boat. I received great feedback from these talented and motivated individuals. It helped me to not feel so alone. And my one on one sessions with Lorin were always a time to talk about the troubling issues in my business, the things that were holding me back.

Mary Ann LoFrumento, MD, FAAP

Simply Parenting / Medical Doctor

In 2004 I joined Lorin’s yearlong program, I loved that it gave me real tools that I could use to manage and plan my growth with a vision stretching out over 10 years. After the program I became one of Lorin’s private clients and we have had coaching sessions every month ever since. Since beginning with Lorin we have seen our business grow from four to over twelve million dollars annually and because of our continued coaching sessions I am alert and focused on our continued success.

Joe Masciocco

Security Integrations

Like so many of you out there, when I heard about the yearlong program with Lorin Beller & Co., I said, “I’m going to sign up for that….someday…..when I’m not so busy….when I have more money……when my business is more successful.” But I realized it was exactly because I didn’t have the time, money, or smoothly running business that I needed this course. It would have taken me years to get to where I am today if I had not participated in Lorin’s yearlong program.

Holly Buchanan

Buchanan Marketing LLC

I met Lorin in 2004 at a Woman’s conference in Puerto Rico. That meeting changed my life. I was a Financial Advisor with a major firm and was successful but stalled.
She helped me get my career focused and I really took off. I was the top Women Advisor in Minnesota for the next 12 years. She also helped me immeasurably in my personal life.
I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro when I was sixty because of her input. I retired April 1st of 2017 at age 70 and she still is helping me with my next chapter in life. She has been a true professional and coach and has become a friend.

Barbara Bencini

Retired Top Financial Advisor, Barrons Winner numerous times

Lorin’s year long program has helped me be more consistent in my marketing efforts than ever before. I am seeing results!! Just 2 orders totaled over $15,000. This is because of the  programs Marketing Grid!! – I also launched a new component to my business. I know I wouldn’t have done this as quickly without this program and my groups ideas and support! Much gratitude to all of you and the power of intention as well as the savvy business strategies I have learned!” Jo Anne Casey, President & Founder: CT Corporate Gifts, New Orleans, LA

Jo Anne Casey

CT Corporate Gifts

I learned more this year than I have in the past 10 years combined. And I have no idea where I would be without this coaching team. I am so grateful to have had this experience.

Hilary Hudson

Give it Golden

At its peak, my business was a 10 Million dollar firm. I have a Fortune 500 client base. Although my company has grown and our capabilities have grown, my style of management and leadership had not changed much over the years. Enter Lorin Beller!!!! And who says you can’t teach – An old dog new tricks? Lorin’s yearlong program encouraged me to fully explore my current style of management and aggressively consider where changes could be made and growth could be accommodated. I have changed from being a den mother to my team to a much more impacting leader. I have cut the apron strings and allowed them more latitude and more freedom to create, explore, and be responsible for their decisions. Though the strength of an empowered team of employees may have been expected, the side effect has been a real surprise as this release from micro managing has provided a personal freedom I thought beyond possibility!  And now I am launching my next new business!

Lynn Griffith

Welcome Events

Being a part of the yearlong program has allowed both my business and personal life to coexist with more balance. I have a vision of where I am going and a plan to get there. I utilize the tools every day. I expanded my network of friends and allies in business. I have found a new confidence in what I am capable of, a gratitude for the gifts I have and an immense appreciation for the people in my life. Just as important in all of that, I am making more money since being a part of the program, I am collaborating with other particpants on numerous projects and I won Small Business Person of the year from SBA 2010 for Central California! KleenSlate has grown 30% since my involvement with the program and we plan on hitting it out of the ball pack this year!!! Gratitude goes out to Lorin and all my Change Maker network! Julia Rhodes President & Founder: Kleen Slate Concepts Sonora, CA

Julia Rhodes

Kleen Slate

I am currently in the yearlong program. I look forward to our teleclasses each week .I have owned a successful business for many years and I was successful by anyone’s standards, however my business was ‘ho-hum’ and I needed to add some passion and spice to life/business. This program is exciting because it is teaching me to believe in the possibilities, look for what would make business fun again. Running a business is challenging, and the yearlong program is helping me to think differently than I ever have before. We put our energy and attention on our vision and our limitless boundaries. I am learning to trust that the right people are coming into my life, to trust my own decisions and take bold actions that I probably would not have taken if I was not in the program. 

Laura Spencer

Spencer Printing Concepts, Inc.

Lorin, you have been my one of my biggest supporters in my life, our times together have taught me how to live life fully, love unconditionally & BE a Good Human BEing!! I’ve reflected on that so much and YOU made a huge difference in me  that carried me through the hardest of times… you have made an impact on my life, I honestly can say like none other… our relationship has become that like a good yoga class; lingers on long after the final shivasana 🙏 namaste. Your philosophy is with me always… I am truly grateful for our paths having crossed back in 2002.

PJ Sparks

I made my revenue goals for the year! My goal since I began my company was to make more money than I made at my last job (which I lost 2 years ago) and I’m about $100 over the top of that. Very exciting! I got my first 5-figure project last month, and that’s what put me over the top, thanks to the Intention Wheel!

Jill Addison

As female business owners we’re so often giving the advice, teaching and supporting our clients. I was giving all of my best work away (and not charging enough!) and spending zero time on my own goals. I was running a marketing company but spending zero time marketing myself.  Lorin not only gave me permission to focus on my business, she made it my top responsibility, gave me tools to work though the challenges, and kept me accountable. This is not “cheer you on from the sidelines” coaching, this is “running along beside you keeping you going in the rain” kind of coaching. The impact it’s had on my business (and my life) is priceless.

Jenny Magic

After dealing with several life changing events (divorce, loss of key people in my life), I felt very lost.  I felt as though I didn’t belong anywhere and I knew I needed to create my life, on my own for the first time!  It all started with an invitation to a woman’s weekend retreat with Lorin.  I attended the first day believing, in every ounce of my being, I didn’t belong.  The weekend was truly transformational.  I discovered confidence and courage that had always escaped me.  I was part of a group of women who were supportive, non-judgmental and have become my soul sisters.   I learned my past is just my story and I can create the life I want to live. With monthly calls as a group and with my personal coach, I gain more strength every day and remain committed to living authentically and to live my best life possible.  Last summer, one of my goals was to have a fulfilling, fun filled summer with friends and family.  It was more than I could have imagined.  I actually want some quiet time now just to regroup!  I love that I wake up every morning (well most mornings!) with gratitude for what I have created and with anticipation as to what more I can create!

Ann Becker

In 2004 I joined Lorin’s year long program, I loved that it gave me real tools that I could use to manage and plan my growth with a vision stretching out over 10 years. After the program I became one of Lorin’s private clients and we have had coaching sessions every month ever since. Since beginning with Lorin we have seen our business grow from four to over twelve million dollars annually and because of our continued coaching sessions I am alert and focused on our continued success.

Lisa Bouchard

When I joined the year long program, I felt like a fish out of water. I was rebounding from the death of both parents, and going back to my marketing and public relations business just wasn’t in the cards. It was time for a change, and I wanted the support of a strong leader and program as I navigated a new path. I decided to take the leap, and here’s what I discovered: The program includes amazing coaches, resources, learning, support, inspiration, motivation and like-minded, high-achieving women business owners who want more success in business and life. “Lorin Beller, has created an awe-inspiring program that delivers. Her big picture perspective, strong mentoring skills and ability to inspire bold action were just what I needed to reposition my business to one in total alignment with my passions, skills and life experiences. The structure of the program ensures clarity and focus. My favorite take-away? Writing my 10-year vision then aligning all of my action around it.

Leslie Hamp

I wanted to let you know that since I have started the program/met you/etc…I really like all the happy/positive and productive thoughts that now populate my head. I am feeling so capable and strong in my business, more than I EVER have before.

Andrea Maida

Pilates Andrea

As an owner of an already successful company, the yearlong program has provided more ‘ah ha’ moments than I have ever experienced! I feel so inspired after each teleclass with my group. Not just inspired to ‘work or do’ but to also pause think and feel with confidence. The combination of teleclasses and personal coaching has me integrating the new content at a more personal level, the combination is helping me not just as an owner but in all aspects of my life. Rebecca D’Amico, Nannies From The Heart, Austin, TX

Rebecca D. Amico

I was a content ‘Wall St. Corp Exec’ until 9/11/01. After that tragic event I reflected on my life and realized that being content wasn’t good enough; I wanted to be happy, fulfilled, and to live every day with joy. I decided to pursue my childhood dream of owning a boutique. In Oct 2003, I opened the doors of Urban Details and began living fully. I participated in the year long program in 2004 and created a clear vision and plan of what I wanted out of my business and my life. During the program Lorin had stated to hold on to my goals but not too tight. I did accomplish my goals and Lorin was right, I didn’t hold it so tightly and it became what it was supposed to be. Today, I’m living fully, living in gratitude because I created my life and I’m living, loving and grateful every day!

Kelly Lipfert

I joined the yearlong program because I was ready for a whole new level of income and lifestyle. I have expanded and integrated as a woman, a person, and a business owner, AND this year with the yearlong program, we grew the business 555.8% in net income over last year!  I come back to Lorin’s team every few years for a refresher.  It is so helpful.

Emily Knudson

My business has grown by 110% in just the first six months of the virtual yearlong program! When I joined, I was already a seasoned business owner with more than five years of entrepreneurial know-how under my belt. I had done well for myself, but my business wasn’t as successful as I knew it could be. Here’s the thing about Lorin and the yearlong program… it’s not just a “feel good” coaching program that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Lorin has crafted a comprehensive business development program that cuts to the core, stripping you of the yuck to reveal the best of who you are and what your business has to offer. And she does all this in a very firm, yet encouraging way. If you’re a woman business owner who feels like a fish ready for much bigger waters, then you’ll want to dive into the yearlong program. You’ll emerge with the confidence, tools and community you need to thrive.

Michele Dortch

Inciteful Communications

120% increase in Revenues in one year! Taking part in the yearlong program allowed me to achieve 2 very specific goals for myself and my business. First, the program was very successful at helping me gain a deep sense of inner strength, confidence and desire to lead. This “take-charge” attitude toward life and business has allowed me to lead people in a very different way. I now see the importance of leading people with very “loose reins”. Second, I’ve created and live true to my own personal motto: “live a fearless life”! This motto is a driving factor in helping me make strategic and well focused business decisions without hesitation. I learned many of these strategies in the year long program. I’m proud to admit, this fearless attitude has allowed me to grow my revenues by over 120% in one year. Michelle Bonn President Expedient Trade, LLC Amherst, NY

Michelle Bonn

My business has grown exponentially since working with Lorin & her team. The yearlong Program has enabled me to look within, create a vision for life, develop a tool box to maintain my vision and stay on the planned path with focused energy and ease. The community and coaching helps me continue my growth, adding to my tool box as well as offering new perspectives to draw from. I highly recommend this program…..!

Gail Benmosche PMP

Business Keeping

Dawn is the owner and one of the founders of DeNovo Research, a pharmaceutical research firm. She has a team of 6 people, her focus was keeping the business going rather than leading the team, by choice. She enrolled her entire team in the Yearlong program! Her goals are to create great leaders, implement corporate values, design a 10 year vision with her team and create the plan to make the vision real. She is also finding that it is assisting with communication among the team and those communication tools have become critical to the inner workings of this successful company. She is on her way to wild success as we speak. Dawn Fleck Owner: DeNovo Research, Delmar, NY

Dawn Fleck

I was a small fish stuck in the mud with little motivation, inspiration or vision for our companies. After I made contact with Lorin Beller, an ocean of possibilities was brought into my life. The Big Fish group coaching call are my life-line to success: Lorin has guided us to see and write our visions, to see ourselves as leaders, to find the ‘entrepreneur’ that was lost in the day-to-day of running a business. She has helped us see the big picture, and how we can live from that, versus whatever situation we may be in. And in doing that our situation has changed: our goals seem to have taken a life of their own – accomplishing themselves with ease and grace, not ‘push and frustration’. Coach Amy, as I call her, has helped me so much with moving beyond my personal limitations, to see my gremlins, and help me believe in myself. I am totally amazed by her coaching capabilities – she is like pure gold. Thank you for helping me grow into a Big Fish! Rachel Pradhan Blaze Interactive Laguna Niguel, CA

Rachael Pradhan

A big fish who owned her own successful business for years was saying that she wanted ‘more work’ for her business. After becoming a Big Fish, she realized that she was getting exactly what she asked for, more work. What she really wanted was more money, more ‘profitability!’ During the year of becoming a big fish, she transformed her business, streamlining areas, becoming more efficient. Her business grew 50% and she increased her profitability 300% the year she became a Big Fish! In June of 2007, she wrote: “I am so very excited to report that the “BIG BID” has finally been awarded. Yes, the one that I started talking about January of 2005. I received the award today! I hope you don’t mind if I brag, but it was our BIG FISH conversations that made it all possible. So, thank you Lorin and Big Fish for your part in giving me the motivation to go after the BIG ONE! The contract term is for 2 years with 3 one year options and is worth an estimated $9,000,000.00 with a cap of $14,000,000.00!!’ Robin Barros Owner: Barrels, Boxes and More Bolton, CT

Robin Barros

Big Fish Nation provides an incredible opportunity to connect with other like minded, entrepreneurial spirited women. I am already feeling the benefits of the program in the areas of overcoming limited thinking, focus, time management as well as experience and wisdom to connect and motivate others. Along with all of that an overall focus on what matters most in life on a deeper level.” 

Camille Gaines

President and Founder, The Financial Woman, Austin TX

Out of all my business expenses, my coaching calls with Lorin Beller of Big Fish Nation are the best use of funds. As a business owner, we all tend to put ourselves last. Clients come first. Employees second and all the minutiae in the daily operations of a business take up the rest of my time. Not to mention that I am pitching reporters all day to get media placements for our clients. Issues constantly arise that can cause conflict and inhibit us from doing the best job possible. Lorin helps to clear the road blocks by solving problems once aired and discussed. She never passes judgment. Instead, she is dedicated to the solution. And she has taught me the most valuable lesson of all: Finding the positive in the negative. THANK YOU LORIN !

Carol Stevens

Owner, Public Relations Firm Purchase, NY

With Big Fish, it seems like each teleclass is a big AHA for me. I learn something extremely valuable every meeting. The learning is so helpful and relevant that I am often able to take it back to our management or staff meetings to inspire and have my team involved in the bigger vision of the company. They are more confident in me as the leader, they are happier and I realize that in order to be more successful it all starts at the top. The one-on-one coaching has changed my perspectives immensely, I am more empowered and finding ways to empower others. Big Fish has had a big impact on me and my team and my financial goals are bigger than they have ever been!” 

Tama Adair-Williamson

President and Founder, Broadcast Marketing & Entertainment, LLC Austin, TX

Before I was a Big Fish I was on dry land. I wanted to be a filmmaker but I had never made a film. I wanted to be a professional producer/director but I was working at an ad firm. I wasn’t anywhere near the water. Then I DOVE IN. Just a few years later, I’ve produced and directed over 100 live television broadcast programs on meaningful issues related to the health and well-being of the public. And I made my first short documentary film in Malawi, Africa entitled Water First. As a result, we launched a non-profit called Freshwater Project International  that provides support for community based water and sanitation projects in Malawi.  We’ve already provided clean water and/or sanitation to close to 100,000 people in Malawi! So not only has my work blossomed, but I definitely feel I’m making a positive difference in the world. Splashing around in the water as a Big Fish has been the best change in my life. I encourage everyone with a dream to DIVE IN!

Amy Hart

Freshwater Project International

Understanding, compassionate, strong, engaging, powerful, “she gets me”; these and so many more are words I regularly use to describe Lorin. At our first meeting, she empowered me to take the reins of my business and ride it into success! Over the course of the year, I learned new strategies in sales and marketing and have become an expert in the social media industry. In addition, many doors have opened for speaking and training opportunities that I would have never had the confidence to pursue without Lorin’s personal coaching and the Big Fish Nation Program. Since taking the program, I have learned new tools and strategies in Sales and Marketing that have helped me increase revenues 500 % in nine months! The sky’s the limit and I’m so grateful to Lorin and her Big Fish Nation Program for helping me discover the path to achieving my dreams!

Terri Grigsby Brooks

When I joined the Big Fish program I was already working in my “dream job” after leaving a corporate career to become a full time entrepreneur. My business was successful, and I even had a vision of the next step, but I had reached a block as to how to make it happen. I was also struggling with how to take the business to the next level. I often had other business owners in my field contact me for help in getting started, working through obstacles and moving forward, but I felt I didn’t have anyone to turn to for similar help. The participants in the Big Fish program provided the forum for just that. I could share my issues and get insights from other successful people. The structure of the program and Lorin’s skilled facilitation provided the necessary tools which enabled me to push through those blocks (both mental and actual) to move toward the next level both personally and professionally. Finally, the individual coaching was the last ingredient which helped me to go a little deeper into my particular issues and I left every coaching session inspired and motivated. The Big Fish program is really more than a “program”, it’s a way of thought and being. It will make a difference in every area of your life! 

Kristen Hallett Rzasa

Ower, Jazzercise Franchise, Norwalk CT

The Big Fish program allows you to dream BIG but better than that the program provides both a guide and the support for you to accomplish even BIGGER than you ever thought possible. The program is essential for any leader looking to go to the next level. Big Fish is not only about growing your business but more importantly the program assures you are living each day to enjoy your journey.

Jennifer Salzman

Facelogic Spa, Austin, TX

I’ve been working with Lorin on and off for many years. Each time we dig in, she meets me where I am. I think her true gift is the ability to ask questions that transform the way her clients see themselves. When you see yourself as courageous and worthy, you can take the next step and the next and the next. Always looking forward to the next step and the opportunity to dig in! Thanks Lorin – My life is better because of the work I’ve done with you.

Michelle Mulcahy