Guest post by Michele Dortch*, Founder, Write to Incite

There’s a portion of a well-worn quote attributed to Marianne Williamson that says, “Your playing small does not serve the world.”

Michele Dortch

I’ve read the quote a hundred times over since I first caught wind of it in 2003, right around the time I decided to quit my full-time corporate career to finish my graduate degree, start a business and have a second child.

See… I don’t play small. At least it didn’t appear so from the outsider looking in. But I knew differently.

Although others saw me as a gutsy, go-gettin’ type of woman, I knew that I was playing it safe and going small. I started a consulting practice specializing in human resources and organization development – the stuff I’ve been doing for years – while I let my true desire, writing, lie dormant.

I ignored the call. Whenever the embers of my writing career were fanned, I quickly doused them with fear… fear of what might happen if I played too big.

All that changed at the end of 2009 when I decided to stop playing small and go big, making the official transition from HR consultant to full-time writer. It was bold. It was risky. Seeing the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be only fed into my fear. So, I knew that I couldn’t make the change alone.

It was right around that time that I was introduced to Lorin (Thanks Rachel Bender!). Lorin definitely knows her stuff when it comes to women and business! It didn’t take long for me to realize that the Big Fish Program was exactly what I needed to drive my new BIG, bold vision forward.

And I wasn’t wrong.

Since leaping into the waters of Big Fish, my business has performed better than I ever imagined. Previously, I struggled to find clients and when I did, the projects were … blah … a means to an end. My business was reminiscent of my corporate life when I felt undervalued and overworked.

Today, my business is thriving! I consistently attract clients and projects that make my heart sing. I’m excited, motivated and inspired by my business and the incredible people I am blessed to work for and with.

As a Big Fish, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about how to be and what to do in my business. But all that learning culminates into three key principles of success:

  • Focus: I have a clear and powerful vision to aspire to every day.
  • Consistency: I have daily habits that feed and support my goals, my business and my life.
  • Belief: I have unshakable faith that drives my belief, and ultimately enables me to act in a positive way.

Of course, fear is a pesky little devil and will occasionally try to creep back into my life. But I’m armed with the Big Fish principles, so I have the power of focus, consistency and belief that cuts fear at its knees. I’m playing big and I’m serving the world. I’m a Big Fish.

Note from Lorin:  Make sure to watch this video clip of Michele as she tells us even more of her story!  Thank you Michele for your inspiring guest post, and for showing us how (and why!) to PLAY BIG!  fondly, Lorin

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Michele is the founder of Write to Incite, a company specializing in social media and content marketing for professional service providers. As a writer, editor and marketing strategist, she helps her clients translate their offline expertise into an online content that builds profitable connections. Michele is based in sunny San Diego, CA where she enjoys raising her three children, running, and just loving life. Reach her at (858) 397-5616 or through her website at