As 2013, settles in, I am struck by how important it has been for me to have silence and stillness to rejuvenate me. I thought I’d share this with you today.


The Taste of Stillness

Whiteness Everywhere.

Snow on every branch and still falling silently.

On my face – gentle magical kisses.

The water, once with motion, now frozen solid – white – still – quiet.

Like a blanket of safety and warmth.

The air also motionless yet so crisp and clean.

Delicious stillness yet tasteless.

Our world, each of us, could use to find more delicious stillness.

The paradox is we walk around with it each day in our hearts.

Stop and taste stillness.

It is our guiding light, our home, our heart whispering… No, begging us to stop and taste.

Everything, yet nothing at all.

True, innocent, love and light.

The taste of stillness.


– Lorin