Got Gifts?We hear (and talk) a lot about the importance of giving, especially at this time of year.  Yet giving depends on our ability to receive, so we need to start placing equal importance on giving AND receiving. 

We tend to not be as good at receiving as we are giving, so the business challenge this month is for you to create and maintain a Giving & Receiving Circle, one where, as Big Fish Coach Nancy Duncan describes, “the sender becomes receiver, and round it goes until distinctions disappear.”

There is a spot where magic happens in that giving/receiving circle dance.  In that spot, there is no difference between the energy of giving and the energy of receiving.. it is all one energy.  It’s the energy of abundance, the energy of human possibilities, the energy of gratitude and the energy of hope.  

The Giving & Receiving circle is an ongoing dance, and if we choose to make it a way of life, our whole life can flow with that energy of abundance, possibility, gratitude, and hope.  

For many of us, it takes more courage to receive than to give because we don’t want to seem selfish.  Maybe it can help to think about how good it feels when someone graciously receives a gift from us (for example, allowing us to pay for their dinner).  Chances are that they also get that much enjoyment from giving to us, so when we receive their gift, we are actually GIVING a gift back to them at the same time.

This holiday season, I wish you the magic of giving and receiving, and that the energy within the Giving & Receiving Circle inspires you to give bigger and receive even more!