Starfish Retreats for a Parent and their child(ren)

This premium retreat experience for a parent and a child (age 10-18) will:

  • -Give you the framework and support you in taking back family rituals that will deepen your relationship day to day
  • -Give you both the tools to raise heathy adults in our society where how we do relationships sets us apart from each other.
  • -Will help you each see your responsibility in making a family a team again
  • -Every day of the retreat, every activity, there is an intentional focus that will both model empowering parenting as well as responsible team members in any setting
  • -You will leave with a custom set of values, unique to your family that will reestablish how we function each day.
  • -Our goal?  Us all being Extraordinary Family Citizens which is the only place we receive the base to be wildly successful in the world after we leave home.
  • – You will leave reach retreat, reminded that you are on the same team and our job is to support each other.
  • -Another goal we have is you both leaving knowing and creating (our) homes that are sacred places to heal, grow, learn and fail and from that sacred place – we can go any where.

We like to think of these high end premium experiences as Connection and Adventure Mini Vacations for a Parent and a child.  The goal, get out of your regular routine, and shake things up in a way that is conscious, reset your parenting approach, get on the same page with your kid(s).  We do all the planning.  You just show up to the beach house for almost 2 full days filled with delicious healthy food, some adventure, and some time for you both to regroup and reground but more importantly connect.

We get to choose consciously how we want to parent our children.  This is about your growth as well as your child’s growth.  Our kids look to us for how we choose to handle our own growth.  You might feel that it is time to strengthen, improve or repair your relationship with your child(ren).  This is a supportive, non-judgmental, inner growth and reflective setting.  You will gain tools that will provide strategies for connecting & communicating.  You get to consciously design your relationship from this fresh perspective and clean slate.  We do this all while working through a theme for each of the retreats.

What is a Starfish Retreat?  A Starfish Retreat is an in-person retreat that is decadent, healthy, filled with surprises, growth oriented and a soul-filling experience.  This particular series we have designed is for you and your child (age 10 – 18).  The goal is a deeper connection with your child while you focus on yourself and they focus on themselves. You come together for meals, activities and adventure throughout the retreat.   You also have your very own private bedroom, just the 2 of you.  Every retreat you both will experience:  mindfulness, goal and intention setting, emotional development and insight, journaling, physical outdoor adventure, healthy communication, healthy eating, the outdoors and a weekend that will have a lasting impression as a game changing experience for both of you and your relationship.

The goals are that you both leave more confident, with a deeper connection to each other and yourselves, a way to more effectively communicate, reconnect after a disagreement, you are taking better care of yourselves, you are both better leaders and your home is more peaceful and fun!  We want you both to leave more conscious and intentional people with tools to do that better with each retreat you participate in.


This retreat series is for you if you:

  • -Are a working parent and know that your relationship with your child(ren) could use some attention and focus before its too late or
  • -Want to model for your child(ren) that personal growth is important and you both value participating in experiences that strengthen your relationship and encourages personal growth or
  • -Feel that you and your child(ren) could benefit from a boost of self confidence or
  • -Want to invest in your relationship with your child(ren) before they get deep into their teenage years and establish a solid foundation of communication and connection or
  • -Want to invest in your relationship with your teen before they leave for college or before they graduate from high school or
  • -Have been divorced for a while and feel the need to take time to really connect with your child(ren)

4 themes (1 per retreat): (they can be taken in any order)

  • Mindfulness: This retreat helps reduce stress and anxiety, will cover various ways to become more mindful, we will address multi-tasking, technology, and the many ways to do things more mindfully including:  walking, eating, breathing, communicating, driving… etc.  And by being more mindful, we will transform our relationships.  We want all participants to leave with a sense of being more self-compassionate and find more empathy for ourselves and each other.  We want you to leave this retreat feeling rejuvenated but more importantly have the tools to support yourselves in being more rejuvenated each day.  By doing what we normally do but in a way that does not deplete us but restores and grounds us to be our powerful selves.

  • Health and Wellness: We will address mind, body and energy health – including eating & exercising. We believe in a holistic approach to health.  And being responsible for taking care of ourselves.  Our on-site chef will provide us healthy eating tips, make delicious simple healthy meals and give us her recipes and teach the kids how to make a few simple healthy snacks.  When we take better care of ourselves we are more grounded.  We feel better.  When we take care of ourselves as parents, our children are given permission by observation that taking care of themselves has value too.  
  • Entrepreneurship: We start out this retreat getting a better a sense of money responsibility (earning, spending, saving and donating).   We discuss the dangers and costs of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ disease, and how to live more simply and find more happiness while being responsible for our income and how to build more income in less time.  We will help you create a vision for the impact you want to have in the world  – we will help you take action and create accountability.  This is a place where we change paradigms for the adults and plant seeds for both of you to begin to see how you can be responsible for designing your life with the values that matter most to you as a family.
  • Leadership: This retreat focuses on integrity, responsibility, and living in a way that helps us be self-confident and be true to ourselves and feel confident about doing so.  How we communicate matters and is a lifelong skill that will help us be able to lead in all situations.   We want every participant to leave knowing that their voice matters and that speaking up is skill that will serve them throughout life.  We will inspire the process of leadership that already is innate within each of us:  intuition, our voices, humility, empathy and risk-taking.  These skills just need to be nurtured.  We will also discuss how to deal with conflict and what gets in the way of resolving conflict so that we can work positively through any conflict and begin to see it as a part of a healthy relationship when we learn to respect one another when we disagree.

Raising children takes a village.  This premier experiential retreat (not classroom setting!) will help expand your village as well as your child’s village.  Join this retreat series and grow your village both consciously and intentionally with other like-minded parents.  Parent consciously.  Parent with intention and do it with a like-minded village that will support you along the journey.  Parenting is not always easy, so join the village and create a group that you can lean on and you can also give back to as you are able to.  We see each participant attending with great wisdom – come willing to share and learn.

Your leaders:  Lorin Beller has been hosting retreats for Women Entrepreneurs since 2010.  Lorin has a Masters degree in Health Administration with focus on Health Education.  She holds a bachelors in Psychology and biology and a minor in Education.  Fresh out of college in the late 80’s Lorin worked at a youth center counseling children and their parents at a drug and alcohol prevention program.  After being laid off from her first job, committed to entrepreneurship from that time, for almost a decade, Lorin taught Stress Management (today called Mindfulness) programs throughout New York State for state employees.

Lorin Beller

Lorin and a partner started a technology business in the mid 90’s and grew it to a 3 million dollar firm and sold in 2000.  Since then, for the past 18 years, Lorin has been working as a business and life strategist supporting amazing conscious leaders and entrepreneurs from coast to coast.

Lorin has first-hand knowledge and experience successfully navigating through a difficult divorce and co-parenting situation. Today, Lorin enjoys a strong relationship with her 12-year-old daughter. In 2012, Lorin trained with, the rock star parenting guru, Susie Walton to lead parenting courses. Lorin has also studied mindfulness under the amazing Diana Shimkus.

Offering and hosting these retreats for parents has become a passion for Lorin.  Lorin is thrilled to work with parents and youth sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years but more important than her knowledge is her ability to inspire you and your child to become the best version of you possible.

About your Co-Host: Dr. Diane Ghiron has worked in a variety of capacities over the 20 years via her private practice.   Some of her other work includes consultations in private schools and residential treatments centers. Additionally, her collaborative divorce training work is unique to Southern California and offers a more humane approach to the divorce process.  In her private practice, when necessary, Dr. Ghiron collaborates with custody evaluators, family law attorneys, mediators, and Family court services.

Dr. Ghiron offers a unique perspective in working with clients.  Her training on a variety of modalities such as psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness allow her to customize her approach based on where each person is wanting to grow and change. Dr. Ghiron has also trained with Diana Shimkus, in Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Dr. Diane Ghiron, works with clients with challenges in areas such as:  divorce, marital issues, co-parenting, adolescent challenges, depression, anxiety, children with behavioral issues, and clients wishing to work on personal growth.


Where do we host the Starfish Retreats?:  North County San Diego, CA.  We will all ‘live’ in a beach house with our own private chef on site.  (Locations vary based on number of participants)

Dates & Themes:

September 14th & 15th & 16th 2018:  Mindfulness

October 12th & 13th & 14th 2018:  Health and Wellness: Mind, Body & Energy Health

November 9th & 10th & 11th 2018:  Entrepreneurship & money

January 18th & 19th & 20th 2019: Leadership

NOTE:  All retreats kick off at 5:00pm on Friday evening… and go through Sunday til approximately 11:00am  If flying in, you should be able to fly in on Friday and fly home on Sunday.


Fees:  Starfish Retreats for Parent & their child(ren):

$3500/retreat for the 2 of you if you choose to do just one.

Additional child:   $1,750

Come to one, if you decide you want to attend All 4 retreats in the series we offer a discount to do so:  $12,000 (for one parent and 1 child).

Each additional Child:  $5,800 (for all 4 retreats)


To register call or email Lorin at or call 518.542.1459

Space is Limited.


We are actively looking for affiliate partners.  And we are actively looking for corporate sponsors/foundations to sponsor a not-for-profit to send thier families to the retreats.  To become involved in this capacity, please contact Lorin at:

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