The feeling of spring is all around us.

Although it’s in varying degrees depending on our geographic location, there’s a similar energy of anticipation and excitement.

We are also starting to see more colors as plants begin their spring growth and buds, blossoms and flowers start blooming.

This is a perfect time of year to use that energy to spring into our own growth. We can take that excitement and let it move us forward in our personal and business lives.

For example, I like to take this time of year to:

  1. Clean up and clean out: make room for new emotional and business growth by getting rid of house and office clutter
  2. Take a fresh look at my goals: am I on track? If not, how do I need to change my approach to get back on track?
  3. Remember to play: connect with my daughter, laugh with her, enjoy time outside with her and my husband
  4. Dare to dream: what is greatest big bold success I can imagine for my business? what’s the first step I need to take to get there?
  5. Refresh my DBR and WBR: do my Daily and Weekly Business Routines encourage and allow me to grow BIG? I might add something to my routine – like tweeting my daily intention (see my recent Twitter Party blog post)—or take something away if it’s no longer helpful. 
  6. Enjoy nature’s changes: plant a garden and watch it grow, take moments to notice the signs of Spring

One of my early spring activities this year was to attend the NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Board of Directors meetings this past week. Talk about growth – this organization is an admirable example!

35 years ago, 12 women business owners started an organization to build “a professional community to further and strengthen their entrepreneurial interests.” And now NAWBO celebrates its 35th anniversary as it represents the interests of more than 10-million women-owned business across the country! (See this blog for more info about organizations supporting women businesses).

Whether your goals include figures of tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, or more, new growth is important. Let this spring be your time of growth as we all share spring’s energy!

How are you planning for growth? Please post a comment and let us know… we can all use some fresh ideas!