[text and photos by Starla J. King, Big Fish 2009-10]

Growing and changing.  Those words often follow each other around.  Growing means changing.  Changing means growing.  A beautiful circular “chicken or the egg” scenario!

Last week, when Lorin encouraged us to use spring as a time for our own growth (see Spring Growth post), I thought “piece of cake!”    See, my partner and I own a landscaping company (Signature Gardenscapes), so we’re literally surrounded by nature’s spring growth every day. 

Turns out watching something (or someone) else’s growth and the resulting changes is a lot easier than stepping into my own changes. 

For 3 years, I’ve been the landscaping field boss and full-time laborer.  I coordinated all logistics (scheduling, plant/material purchases, client communications) for all jobs, and was on-site manager for our landscaping technicians (aka amazing women landscapers!).  I decided when to start jobs, order of tasks and all sorts of rules and regulations.  The Gospel According to Starla.

This Spring, however, my partner has joined me fulltime in managing our business.  Big Change.  Bold Change.

Uh oh.

Actually, for the most part it’s been fantastic having another manager, someone to share the workload and emotional load.  A workmate and buddy to energize me and celebrate each day’s shared accomplishments. 

And another manager to challenge me.  

After 3 years, I have a pretty good idea of what works well, how things “need” to be.  I have my pre-work routine (DBR – Daily Business Ritual) all figured out.  I know each client’s and each garden’s particularities. I know how to unload and reload the truck so everything is secure and easily ready for the next job.  I know pretty much everything, and I get cranky when things aren’t done the way I’m used to doing them.

Wait, re-read that part again:  “I know pretty much everything.”  Ugh. That’s not a boss I want to work with.  That’s not someone I want to be in collaboration with.  And it’s most certainly not someone I want to be!

I’ve realized this week that as our company steps into its Spring growth and feels those changes, I too need to change. I need to allow room for another manager, for other ways of doing things that are every bit as “right” as my usual techniques.   I need to, quite frankly, chill out!

So… in the interest of change, I’m going to try something different and set an intention (see recent blog post)  for the rest of this month.  This month, I will focus on allowing our company the room it needs to grow, and will accommodate its needs as lovingly as I do the needs of each plant we care for.  

This month, I embrace the example of Spring and step boldly and enthusiastically into the middle of the growth/change/growth cycle.   Who wants to join me???