Starla J. King

an interview with Starla King

I heard that Starla King, a Big Fish (took my year long program a few years ago), friend and colleague, published her book today.  I was so excited for her, I wanted to capture her ‘launch day’.  What I know is that the day that a book is published is almost as good has having a baby!  (not quite, but close! 🙂  So I asked her the following questions:

Starla, How long was this project ‘in the works?’  

Technically, about 4 years, starting with my first blog post.  Although I didn’t realize it then, many of the blog posts would become fuel and content for my book.  Once I decided that I was going to write this book, it took about a year for the whole process: gather the already-written content, write new content, edit everything (a gazillion times, with two different editors), work with an on-demand publisher, and finally hold the actual book in my hands.

Starla, on your ‘worst book day’ what were you thinking?

How much I wanted to go curl up on a lounge chair on some remote tropical island and never have to write another word again.  Which kinda terrified me because I’ve always clung to writing as my life raft, and there I was, desperately wanting to escape from it!  I was pretty sure on that day that nothing I had written had enough value to be shared with the public, that I was delusional about my writing ability, that writing a book was too hard to actually do, and that I must be in the wrong profession because no real writing/creativity coach would be this paralyzed by the (mostly self-induced) pressures of writing a book.   Oh, and that eating yet another bowl of ice cream (with fudge-flavored Magic Shell) wasn’t going to help the situation.

Starla, what did you learn from that day now that you look back on it?

I learned that on the days when writing feels excruciating, I need to pay close attention to what’s really going on, and ask myself a lot of questions!    What am I telling myself?  What parts of me might I be neglecting? Do I need to re-fill my creative well?  Have I played enough lately?  What does the book really want to be – and am I giving myself the freedom to loosen my grip on my pre-conceived notions about it?

Starla, what’s the best tip you can offer someone on days like that?

Be gentle with yourself. Step back from your book, take a deep breath, and give yourself some time to just notice what’s going on.  What are you longing for?  What are you scared of? How much coffee have you really had??  (grin!)

Also, in order to be able to give yourself that time when needed, it is so very important to build time into your writing schedule for “I JUST CAN’T DO IT TODAY!” days.  And then use them sparingly.

Starla, share what your book launch day meant to you… What is your desire for this ‘baby’ now that it’s birthed?

Oh, how to even put it into words?!  Writing – and publishing – a book was a lifelong dream of mine, so seeing it available for purchase on was beyond incredible!  Honestly, it’s still sinking in that somehow the inner work I’ve done over the years has become this beautiful book that I carry from room to room with me for inspiration (true. *blush*)

My desire for this “baby” is that it finds its way to more hearts than I could ever imagine possible.

Starla, if you were doing a toast to the world today what would you say?

To making our dreams a reality, one day at a time!  (I’ll toast to that!)

Thank you Starla, for sharing your inner most and honest thoughts to my questions.  And thank you, for sharing your learnings, your experiences, and your insights with us in your book.  You are a gift, your book the ripples.  In gratitude.



Wide Awake. Every Day.  Daily inspiration for conscious living.  by Starla King

And if you are interested in the Big Fish Program that Starla took here is more information on it….