Many of us chose to be entrepreneurs because we want to make a positive difference in the world.

I started Big Fish Nation to make a difference by empowering women business owners, and today I want to give you a simple way to empower yourselves and your businesses in a way that WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Welcome to Week 2 of our February Heart Work Challenge, a week to focus on Sharing the Love!
Last week, I challenged each of us to create a habit of gratitude by sending a handwritten note of genuine appreciation and/or thanks to a different person every day this month (click here for that blog post).
This week I challenge us to raise the bar and start expanding that habit of gratitude into a culture of gratitude. This is where we can truly make a positive difference, because a culture of gratitude creates:
  • Connection and camaraderie between people … that leads to powerful conversations
  • Good health resulting from the positive energy of love/appreciation
  • Ongoing inspiration to pay it forward
That last point is the secret to how we begin creating a culture of gratitude:  we start by sharing the love in these 2 powerful ways:
  1. Continue writing and sending your daily notes of appreciation (see details here).
  2. Share that same challenge with someone else every day this week.  Let your friends, colleagues, clients, and all your connections know you are taking the February Heart Work Challenge.  Tell them about your commitment to daily notes of appreciation, then encourage them to do the same.

This is a great chance to practice using social media to MAKE A DIFFERENCE by sharing the love:

  • Share the link to this blog post ( with your Facebook Fans, Twitter followers and LinkedIn network.   Ask them to also Share the Love!
  • Write about the February Heart Work Challenge in your blog this week.  Ask your readers to also Share the Love!
  • Post your “sharing the love” experiences on our Big Fish Nation Facebook page so we can be inspired by each other
This is not just a feel-good exercise (although it will make you feel good!), this directly impacts our businesses:
  • They become a positive place to be each day (even if it’s just our own home office!)
  • They become a company that is ‘attractive’ to clients, employees /contractors and followers
  • They start showing increased productivity
  • All adding up to positive bottom line impact!
When we work from the heart, we make a difference in our own lives, our businesses, in others’ lives, and others’ businesses. Share the Love today and start creating a culture of gratitude around you!
Will you take the challenge?  Let us know in a comment below!
Want more of this?
  • Big Fish Nation believes in doing business from the heart — click here to learn more about our unique business and coaching programs, or email me to connect directly!  
  • Read these two fantastic “share the love” books: