As women entrepreneurs, many of us are working daily in our “passion projects” — those projects that start with our hearts and in many cases become the seed to an entire business built on that love.

I’ll share a few more of my thoughts around passion in the following video:

We are so good at pouring our passion into our work, yet I hear time and time again about the challenges of making money on those passion projects.

One of the most important things we can do to turn our passion into profit is to intentionally build solid business structures around the passion project, then GET THE MESSAGE OUT to those who most need to hear it.

This upcoming Big Fish Nation program is tailored to help you do exactly that, with the theme of “The Power of Media.” It is THE most powerful yearlong program we have ever offered!  I will still be leading teleclasses as usual on the whole-person and total-life approach to success, AND for this program we are partnering with enterprising Women magazine to bring you the following high value additions:

  • Your passion project / your business will get coverage in enterprising Women magazine as they follow your progress throughout the year
  • You will learn how to build important media relationships — through additional PR strategy tele-sessions led by enterprising Women magazine’s owner and publisher, Monica Smiley

Click here for more information on this one-time-only program (it starts March 7, enrollment limited to just 12 women) and reserve your spot today, or email me to see if this program is a fit for you.

If you have been on the fence as to whether or not to participate in this program, this is your time!   Your passion project needs to be seen, heard, noticed… and monetized! 

If you are looking for ways to bring your whole “passion team” up to the next level, click here for details on the customized work I do with teams.